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HCMC Journal

Monument 2023-02-13 to 2023-02-17

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 360

On Monday, started looking at the fairly common case where multiple previous home addresses are listed. I have a basic template working for that, which is finding 274 of them and mostly working as expected. But there are some which are formatted oddly, which will have to be fixed manually. I’ve also made numerous tweaks to the algorithm to enable better retrieval, and the number of errors is steadily going down.

On Tuesday continued working on the algorithm, and fixed many more data errors.

On Thursday, did a couple of hours work before NA arrived to fix a lot more data errors and to refine the algorithm further; we’re getting closer every day. I also experimentally added some manually-encoded origin places to test whether they would cause any trouble for the main Landscapes build.

On Friday, continued the work of targetting problem cases, and either fixing broken data or adding additional complexity to the algorithm to extract the right material.