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HCMC Journal

MAJW project 2023-01-09 to 2023-01-13

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 270

On Wednesday, met with AB and laid out plans for the first release, which is targetted for the end of February. I have a todo list for that which is now in the repo. We actually fixed a set of issues directly as we talked.

On Friday, AB reported some gnarly issues with the rendering of manuscript descriptions. The whole process of converting the db fields into <msDesc>s and then the references to them into well-formatted citations is very fragile, because each MS basically uses different conventions and has different purposes for each field, so every time there’s a new MS or a change to one of the existing ones, that fragile build process breaks. Of course once we’ve fully migrated to TEI, we can take proper control of this, but for the moment it’s a bit of a scramble to keep it all working. Eventually figured out a combination of tweaks to what’s in the db and tweaks to how it’s processed which is showing more or less what we want to see. Also added a new bio and image, and made some tweaks to CSS.