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HCMC Journal

Moses 2023-03-06 to 2023-03-10

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 540

Worked through the very complicated AUG template, which seems to be working, then turned to some regressions which SK had found; it turned out after much debugging that the m: prefix had been deleted from some template match attributes some time on Friday, and replacing it fixed the problem.

On Wednesday, implemented the m:CHAR and m:min templates, which are quite tricky and context-sensitive.

On Thursday, fixed a couple of bugs reported by SK in the orthing, and worked through a number of required fixes to the online dictionary; there is a lot more to do here, but we’re getting closer.

On Friday, tackled the remaining very awkward issues pertaining to multiple forms and to the case of particles, which are never linked in hyphs but are tagged in cits, and therefore need their cits retrieving and formatting in a particular way.