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HCMC Journal

Monument project 2023-01-16 to 2023-01-20

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 265

Over the weekend, we had some discussions which suggest that any additional interpretive info we add to the textual notes, for the purposes of Monument processing, must be removed from the notes before the LOI build outputs them. This is reasonable and can be done.

On Tuesday, had a long meeting with NA and MA, and worked out a workflow for incoming RAs, as well as clarifying a number of things, including a flexible approach to the adult/absent child issue which will not be intrusive to the LOI dataset, suggested by NA.

On Wednesday, started looking into some odd cases where matches were not being made when they should be, and found a whole host of spelling errors in key words such as daughter which would block the process. Found and fixed dozens of these throughout the personography.

On Thursday, found a note in kond78 which includes cases of both adult-child and absent-child, so added the dagger and double-dagger in that record, along with processing for it in the LOI archive build XSLT. If this builds successfully, we can now expect Monument processing to work a lot more cleanly.

On Friday, spent a while debugging the overnight build break, which turned out to be caused by yet another duplicated child in a parent record.