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HCMC Journal

Monument 2023-03-20 to 2023-03-24

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 380

Over the weekend, I modularized the listings site build process because it turns out that later steps need to be able to read and use the pages from earlier steps in order to construct links into them; got that working and tested. On Monday, added more information from the original records into individual person pages, and tweaked some layout issues; also added data preparing to generate pages for uprooted locations, and some staticSearch meta tags.

On Thursday, we met at length to discuss issues around family unification or separation. Decisions made:

Then in the afternoon I made my changes; the result was to break the build because of duplicate husbands, so I found and fixed the cases where there was a former husband not listed as former.

On Friday, met to discuss some issues around multiple locations for people and also cases where the origin place is outside the coast zone but people were uprooted anyway (e.g. Cranbrook). Also did some tweaks to data to fix typos.