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HCMC Journal

Moses project 2023-01-09 to 2023-01-13

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 600

Worked on changes to the display of the English wordlist, to add a requested extra column containing English glosses of the Nx entries. This is actually complicated because the listing is not a table, and cannot be, because it has more than a thousand entries, so it was done as a plain list. However I think it will have to be restyled as a grid, which is going to be very awkward because of the popups that will need to be inserted. So the new pseudo-column is there as of Monday night, but the layout is a bit borked, especially for multi-line glosses.

On Tuesday I fully implemented the grid-based layout approach, which is working nicely, including an alternative layout for the mobile view of the English wordlist, because the additional column has screwed up what was working before. Then I worked through a bunch more mobile issues with the pronunciation guide and the Nx listing page, and a few more feature requests from the TODO document.

Also on Tuesday, we had a long meeting to discuss the orthographizing process and created a plan; orths will be created using a straight XSLT transform on the hyphs, with that transform consisting of a huge number of templates matching specific morphemes with specific forms in specific contexts. The initial implementation will simply generate a large table of input hyph and output orth for inspection and debugging, and I will put that process in place as the initial output without any templates, then we will start adding the templates.

On Thursday I finished the initial implementation and added it into the build process, and we can now start adding templates as the rules are finalized. I’ve already added the final character-replacement regex taken from our original orthing process.

On Friday, added the first of our morpheme conversion templates and tested it.