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HCMC Journal

Monument 2023-02-21 to 2023-02-24

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 210

On Tuesday, we settled on appropriate captions for the two types of residence: Residence (before uprooting) and Residence (after uprooting). I then went into the Landscapes archive build process and implemented these changes, at the same time abstracting a couple more captions that were erroneously hard-coded in the XSLT into the captions file. We’re now in a position to hard-code the original residences into the data for any cases where the automated code can’t successfully extract the information.

On Thursday, did more work on original locations with MA and NA.

On Friday, I finished a complete pass through the location output, having fixed all typos and other annoyances, added hard-coded locations for some problem cases, and resolved all the others to the point where we have five people with known-to-be-undocumented origin places, 170 for whom nothing has been retrieved so someone needs to look at them, and the rest are all pretty solid.