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HCMC Journal

MoEML 2023-03-13 to 2023-03-17

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 300

Over the weekend, worked on the initial encoding for GitHub issue #15; focusing the actual grid-based CSS. I’m doing the 1633 Stow page first, because it’s a bit more complicated than the 1598.

On Monday, did the complete grid encoding and in the process demonstrated that it’s not a feasible to do with it what I wanted to do, which was to have a conceptual structure in the TEI which was selectively deployed into a grid structure in the HTML output. The problem is that the grid layout is essentially expecting a collection of child elements within the grid container, rather than a highly-nested structure, so in order to use the power of a grid layout we would have to sacrifice the structural TEI encoding. Instead, I started re-encoding this example using relative positioning; it will serve as a good example of the extreme complexity of CSS required to do this sort of thing when you are determined to retain the conceptual structure of the text.

On Tuesday I made repeated fixes to build breaks caused by my changes the day before, mostly resulting from the introduction of the <metamark> element to the schema.