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HCMC Journal

MAJW project 2022-12-05 to 2022-12-09

to : Martin Holmes
Minutes: 440

Now making steady progress on the rendering, but I do keep having to go back to the TEI conversion to rework it a little and get what I need for the downstream work. One problem is figuring out how to represent a mention/event in a single linked string which can appear inside another record.

Integrated the hashtags into the XML produced from the db dump in the form of a taxonomy and @ana attribute values, and started work on rendering events on their own pages. Then standardized on layout for both events and people, set up more captions, tweaked the CSS, and laid out all the components that need to be handled for both those display pages.

On Thursday, moved ahead with building out relationships and made a lot of tweaks to work around edge-cases and oddities in the data; also added the listing page for records.

On Friday had a long sprint and got virtually everything basically working except for the search, finding and fixing a couple of inconsistencies in the data at the same time. There is a fair amount of fragility in the db dependency, but we can keep both balls in the air for a little while at least.