House of Commons, 11 May 1892, Canadian Confederation with Alberta and Saskatchewan

2461 [MAY 11, 1892.] 2462


Mr. McCARTHY moved second reading of Bill (No. 27) further to amend the Acts respecting "The North-West Territories."
Some hon. MEMBERS. Lost.
Some hon. MEMBERS. Carried.
Mr. SPEAKER. I think the "Nays" have it.
Some hon. MEMBERS. Call in the members.
Mr. SPEAKER. Call in the members.
Mr. DENISON. Mr. Speaker, I had intended to speak on this question.
Mr. SPEAKER. Every possible opportunity was given to any hon. gentleman who wished to speak. It is too late now. When the members are called in no discussion can take place.
House divided:



Adams, Madill,
Allan, Mulock,
Bain (Wentworth), O'Brien,
Beith, Paterson (Brant),
Charlton, Pridham,
Craig, Ross (Dundas),
Davies, Rowand,
Dawson, Smith (Ontario),
Denison, Somerville,
Gordon, Tyrwhitt,
Henderson, Wallace,
Hughes, Watson,
Macdonald (Huron), Weldon,
McCarthy, White (Cardwell),
McMillan (Huron), Wilson, and
McMullen, Yeo.—33.



Amyot, Hutchins,
Armstrong, Ives,
Bain (Soulanges), Joneas,
Baird, Kaulbach,
Barnard, Kenny,
Beausoleil, Landerkin,
Bechard, Langelier,
Bennett, Langevin (Sir Hector),
Bergeron, LaRivere,
Bergin, Lavergne,
Bourassa, Leduc,
Bowell, Legris,
Bowers, LĂ©pine,
Bowman, Lippé,
Brodeur, Liser,
Brown, Livingston,
Bruneau, Macdonald (King's),
Burns, Macdonald (Winnipeg),
Cameron, Mackintosh,
Campbell, McAlister,
Cargil, McDougald (Picton),
Carignan, McDougall (Cape Breton),
Carling, McGregor,
Carpenter, McKay,
Caron (Sir Adolphe), McLean,
Casey, McLennan,
Chapleau, McLeod,
Choquette, McMillan (Vaudreuil),
Christie, Mara,
Cochrane, Marshall,
Colter, Masson,
Corbould, Metcalfe,
Corby, Mignault,
Curran, Miller,
Davis, Mills (Annapolis),
Delisle, Mills (Bothwell),
Desaulniers, Monerieff,
Desjardins (Hochelaga), Monet,
Desjardins (L'Islet), Nothrup,
Devlin, Ouimet,
Dewdney, Patterson (Colchester),
Dickey, Pelletier,
Dugas, Perry,
Dupont, Proulx,
Dyer, Rider,
Earle, Robillard,
Edwards, Roome,
Fairbairn, Rosamond,
Featherston, Ross (Lisgar),
Ferguson (Renfrew), Ryckman,
Flint, Sanborn,
Foster, Savard,
Fraser, Semple,
2463 [COMMONS] 2464
Fréchette, Simard,
Frémont, Stairs,
Geoffrion, Stevenson,
Gibson, Temple,
Gillies, Thompson (Sir John),
Gillmor, Tisdale,
Girouard (Jacques Cartier), Tapper,
Girouard (Two Mountains), Turcotte,
Godbout, Vaillancourt,
Haggart, White, (Shelburne),
Hazen, Wilmot, and
Hearn, Wood (Westmorland).—132.


For. Against.
Mr. Sproule, Mr. Forbes,
Mr. Taylor, Mr. Pope,
Mr. Ferguson (Leeds), Mr. Cleveland,
Mr. Wood (Brockville), Mr. Grandbois,
Mr. Sutherland, Mr. Guay,
Mr. Boyle, Mr. Préfontaine,
Mr. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Baker,
Motion negatived.
Mr. TAYLOR. The hon. member for Brockville and the hon. member for East Grey have not voted.
Mr. WOOD (Brockville). I am paired until tomorrow night with the hon. member for Temiscouata (Mr. Grandbois). Otherwise I should have voted for the second reading of the Bill.
Mr. SPROULE. I am paired with the hon. member for Queen's, N.S. (Mr. Forbes). Otherwise I should have voted for the Bill.
Mr. BRODEUR. The hon. member for North Oxford has not voted.
Mr. SUTHERLAND. I am paired with the hon. memher for LĂ©vis (Mr. Desaulniers).
Mr. CHOQUETTE. (Translation.) Mr. Speaker, the hon. member for Lotbinière has not voted.
Mr. RINFRET. (Translation) I was not in the Speaker, when the motion was read, therefore I could not vote. If I could have voted it would have heen against the second reading of the Bill.
Motion negatived.
Mr. BOYLE. I wish to say, Mr. Speaker, that I am paired with the hon. member fur Chambly (Mr. Préontaine)—
Some hon. MEMBERS. Order.
Mr. SPEAKER. The hon. member is out of order, the question having been decided.


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