House of Commons, 7 July 1905, Canadian Confederation with Alberta and Saskatchewan

9033 JULY 7, 1905


  House went into committee to consider the following proposed resolution:
Resolved, That section 2 of chapter 4 of the Revised Statutes, intitled : An Act respecting the salaries of certain public functionaries, and other annual charges on the Consolidated Revenue, be amended by adding at the end thereof the following words and figures :
  The Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, $9,000.
  The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, $9,000.
Mr. FIELDING. This resolution is to make provision for the payment of the salaries of the Lieutenant Governors of the two new provinces. It is proposed to fix their salaries at $9,000, the same as is paid to the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba. and other provinces.
Resolution reported. read a first and second time and agreed to.
Mr. FIELDING moved for leave to introduce Bill (No. 193) to amend the Revised Statute respecting the salaries of certain public functionaries and other annual charges on the consolidated revenue.
Motion agreed to. and Bill read the first and second times and House went into committee thereon.
Mr. HENDERSON. Does the minister know who is to receive this $9,000?
Mr. FIELDING. No, we thought it would be wise first to get the consent of parliament to pay the money before we committed ourselves.
Mr. SPROULE. Is that the same as the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba gets ?
Bill reported, read the third time and passed.


Mr. FIELDING moved that the House go into Committee of Supply.
Mr. R. L. BORDEN. Before you leave the chair, Mr. Speaker, may I bring to the attention of the hon. Minister of the Interior (Mr. Oliver) a complaint I have received from a settler in the west who says that he cannot find out the reason why he is not able to procure a homestead, Northwest sections 22 to 25, 1 west 2nd meridian? He seems to have complied, according to this statement, with all the requirements of the law and he attributes his non-success to the political partisanship of some person or persons unnamed. He is very earnest about it and I thought I would like to bring the matter to the attention of the Minister of the Interior, because it is not desirable that these settlers should have any ground for complaint of this character. This one may 9034 seem trifling at first blush to bring to the attention of the House, but I do not regard it as too trifling to bring to the attention of the hon. Minister of the Interior and to ask him for some explanation later on after he has had an opportunity of looking into the matter.
Sir WILFRID LAURIER. Might I ask the name?
Mr. R. L. BORDEN. The name of the man is D. G. Seymour, Oxbow, Assa.
Motion agreed to, and House went into Committee of Supply.
Civil government—Department of Trade and Commerce—contingencies—additional amount required, $1,200.
Mr. R. L. BORDEN. Would the hon. Minister of Finance state why this additional amount is required?
Mr. FIELDING. I cannot speak as to the details, but I may say that I have been urging my colleagues to have the supplementary estimates contain a sufficient sum of money to close up the accounts for the year rather than to carry balances forward into the next year. In conformity with my request several have sent in additional appropriations. In this case it happens to be a small amount of contingencies.
Ocean and river service—maintenance and repairs to government steamers and ice-breakers. $60,000.
Mr. URIAH WILSON We want some explanation about that.
Mr. PREFONTAINE. This item is to cover the repairs to two steam ice breakers under the control of the Department of Marine and Fisheries. The 'Champlain ' was one of the ice-breakers secured by the department last fall and put in commission in the month of November. She maintained the ferry service between Murray Bay and River Ouelle. Two accidents happened to her. She first collided with another steamer, but fortunately was not wrecked and she continued the service during the winter. Then she was damaged in reaching the wharf at Riviere Ouelle due to the mismanagement of the mate, who has since been dismissed. In May or June this steamer was put in the dry-dock and thoroughly overhauled. The damages were ascertained and the repairs which are now finished cost $30,000. The other ice-breaker the 'Montcalm' was severely injured in the bow while breaking the ice at Cap Rouge, she is now being repaired and made stronger than when she came off the ways after being built. She will be in good condition to cope with the ice next winter.
Mr. BLAIN. Where was she repaired ?
Mr. PREFONTAINE. In the dry dock at Quebec. but the work was done by Messrs. Davis & Son, under the supervision [...]


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