House of Commons, 6 July 1905, Canadian Confederation with Alberta and Saskatchewan

8885 JULY 6, 1905

              HOUSE OF COMMONS.

THURSDAY, July 6, 1905.

The SPEAKER took the Chair at Three o'clock.



Mr. LANCASTER asked:
1. Who is the postmaster at the town of. Inverness, Nova Scotia ?
2. Does he attend to his duties personally, or are they delegated to others ? If so, to whom ?
3. What salary does he receive ?
4. During what hours is the office kept open ?
5. What accommodation has the post office building, and what is the size and character of the building or room used for the post office ?
6. What is the intention of the government with regard to post office accommodation in this town ?
Hon. SYDNEY FISHER (for the Postmaster General) :
1 and 2. Donald McIsaac is in charge of the Inverness post office, Nova Seotia. He gives personal supervision to the duties of the office.
3. The salary and allowances attached to the office amount to $606.
4. The office hours are from 8 am to 10 p.m.
5. The post office building is provided by the postmaster subject to the approval of the Post Office Inspector. As the inspector has not reported the accommodation as insufficient. it is assumed by the department that it is adequate to the public requirements.  
6. As the department has not been notified that accommodation is insufficient, the question has not been considered.


Mr. WALSH asked:
1. Is the government aware that a grievance exists at the port of Montreal with regard to the weighing of butter and cheese ?
2. Does the government intend to take any action in the matter ? If so. when?
Hon. SYDNEY FISHER (Minister of Agriculture). The government is aware that a grievance exists in Montreal with regard to the weighing of butter and cheese. The Department of Agriculture is dealing with the matter in connection with the Board of Trade of Montreal, which now has the rules and regulations of this weighing under its control.

                 HALIFAX AWARD.

     Mr. PICHE asked :
1. Did the government of Canada receive any portion of the sum of $5,500,000 paid by the government of the United States to the government of the United Kingdom, in consequence of the decision rendered on the 23rd November, 1877, by the arbitration commission sitting at Halifax ?
2. If so, what amount ?
3. At what date was such payment made ?
4. Did the provinces which are interested in the fisheries affected by that decision, or any of them, claim the remittance total or in part, of the amount paid to the government of Canada ?
5. If so. when, and by which provinces were such claims made ?
Hon. RAYMOND PREFONTAINE (Minister of Marine and Fisheries) :
1. Yes.  
2. $4,490,332.64.
3. 6th December, 1878.
4. Yes.
5. Prince Edward Island, 19th February, 1879; Quebec, 5th February, 1902; New Brunswick, 7th September, 1903.
Nova Scotia has made no specific claim; but her agreement to an adjustment of the case between the Dominion and the provinces involves such claim, if the principle, which is now denied, eventually prevails.

                 MILITIA OFFICERS.

Mr. LEONARD‚ÄĒby Mr. Taylor‚ÄĒasked:
1. Were the militia officers who successfully passed their examinations last winter at Montreal ' Gazetted ' '?
2. If so. on what date ?
3. What are their names and rank ?
4. If not, why have they not been ' Gazetted ' ?
5. When will they be 'Gazetted' ?
Hon. Sir FREDERICK BORDEN (Minister of Militia) :
1. Yes.
2. Promulgated in Militia Order 109, 13th May, 1905. Provisionally appointed officers, [...]


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