Newfoundland National Convention, 3 November 1947, Debates on Confederation with Canada


November 3, 1947[1]

Mr. Chairman Before proceeding with the order paper I must ask the indulgence of the Convention to direct your attention to a cable that I received on October 21, almost immediately after adjournment was taken.
The Chairman of the National Convention Newfoundland Hotel St. John's
We, the Newfoundland Lumbermen's Association at its tenth annual convention extend to you and members our heartiest co-operation in all things for the betterment of our island home and its people with an immediate return to equality and responsibility, which is traditionally ours.
Signed, J .J . Thompson President, Newfoundland Lumbermen's Association
In view of the fact that the Lumbermen's Association was then in session and that it would be some eight or ten days before the Convention would reassemble, I decided that the cable ought to he replied to, and, on the following day I sent the following reply.
J.J. Thompson Esq., President, Newfoundland Lumbermen's Association, Grand Falls, Newfoundland.
On behalf of the National Convention of Newfoundland, may I convey to you, and through you to the Newfoundland Lumberman's Association, our deep appreciation and thanks for your very kind cable of the 21st instant, to which the attention of the Convention will be formally drawn at its next session.
Signed, J.B. McEvoy Chairman, National Convention
I trust that you, gentlemen, will ratify and approve my action in sending this cable.... We'll now proceed to the order of the day.

Report of the Finance Committee: Economic Report Committee of the Whole

[Mr. Cashin read the Economic Report. The committee rose and reported progress, and the Convention adjourned]


Newfoundland. The Newfoundland National Convention, 1946-1948 Vol 1: Debates. Edited by J.K. Hiller and M.F. Harrington Montreal: Memorial University of Newfoundland by McGill-Queen's University Press, 1995).



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  • [1] The proceedings for November 3, 1947, were taken from the recording of the debate.

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