Newfoundland National Convention, 14 October 1946, Debates on Confederation with Canada


October 14, 1946.

Mr. Chairman Gentlemen, I feel sure that I echo your thoughts when I say how pleased we are to have Mr. K.M. Brown back again and we hope his condition has improved, permanently so; and that Mr. Fudge is back with us again. I have to report that Mr. Figary will not be able to attend....

Interim Report of the Fisheries Committee: Committee of the Whole

Mr. Job I have been acting chairman of the Fisheries Committee during the absence of Mr. Brown. He has now returned, and as there have been various comment on this report, I move that it be referred back to the Fisheries Committee for further consideration. I ask therefore that the committee rise.
[The committee rose and reported progress]
Mr. Chairman This completes the orders of the day. I have to inform you that Mr. Hollett and Mr. Newell on behalf of the Education Committee informed me this afternoon that the work of the committee is completed and that presently its report will be printed and placed before the Steering Committee, and will come with the least possible delay before the Convention.
Is there any other matter you wish to discuss? If not, I will accept a motion to adjourn until such time as the Steering Committee is in a position to tell us when we may meet.
[The Convention adjourned]


Newfoundland. The Newfoundland National Convention, 1946-1948 Vol 1: Debates. Edited by J.K. Hiller and M.F. Harrington Montreal: Memorial University of Newfoundland by McGill-Queen's University Press, 1995).



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