House of Commons, 25 May 1869, Canadian Confederation with Manitoba



Tuesday, May 25, 1869

The Speaker took the chair at three o'clock.
Messrs. Morris, Simard and others, presented petitions praying that no fundamental change be made in the present system of banking and currency.
Mr. Bowman presented a petition from Berlin for the repeal of the Insolvency Act.
Hon. Mr. Langevin brought down a return to the address for the correspondence with the Imperial Government and the British Minister at Washington, relative to a renewal of the Reciprocity Treaty; also papers relative to the death of Dr. Hogan, of the Nova Scotia Railway; also papers relative to the seizure of the schooner "Mazeppa," in British waters, by an armed force from the United States.
Sir George E. Cartier introduced a Bill to continue for a limited time the charter of the Jacques Cartier Bank.
Mr. Simard introduced a Bill to continue the charter of the Union Bank of Lower Canada.
Mr. Morris introduced a Bill to amend the charter of the City Bank.


Sir George E. Cartier moved that on Friday next the House resolve itself into Committee of the Whole to consider the North-West resolutions, which he said were not yet printed, on account of yesterday having been a holiday. They would be in the hands of members to-morrow. The object of the resolutions was merely to give effect to the preliminary arrangement entered into by the Minister of Public Works and himself in England, and which had been ratified by their colleagues. The report and all the correspondence with reference to this important subject, were in the hands of members, and he hoped there would be no objection to his making this motion, although the resolutions were not printed, his objection being to expedite business.
Mr. Mackenzie said there could be no objection to the hon. gentleman's motion, but 436 COMMONS DEBATES May 25, 1869 he hoped the resolutions would be distributed as early as possible.
Sir George E. Cartier begged also to state that two despatches had been accidentally omitted from the return sent down to the House. They would be brought down tomorrow by message and would be in the hands of members before the discussion came on. They were a despatch from the Colonial Secretary acknowledging the reply to the address by both Houses of Parliament, and his subsequent despatch stating that on account of a legal difficulty Her Majesty had been advised not to comply with the request in the address. This despatch was mentioned in one of the resolutions which it was intended to submit to the House.
The motion was agreed to.


Sir John A. Macdonald gave notice that on Friday he would introduce a Bill respecting the office of Queen's Printer. It was proposed that the Queen's Printer should be a salaried officer with ÂŁ500 a year, and have the control of all Government printing, the Gazette, the Statutes and the Government printing generally, and that all the printing except what was confidential should be given out to public competition for a term of five years.
Mr. Mackenzie congratulated the Government on having arrived at this decision. He felt assured they would receive the support of this side of the House in carrying out the policy now announced.
The following Bills were read a third time and passed:-
Act to place all Canadian Vessels on an equal footing as regards pilotage in the port of Quebec, and for other purposes respecting pilotage.— Sir John A. Macdonald.
Act respecting Cruelty to Animals, from the Senate.— Sir Geo. E. Cartier.
Act respecting certain Offences relative to Her Majesty's Army and Navy, from the Senate.— Sir Geo. E. Cartier.
Act for the better protection of Her Majesty's Military and Naval Stores, from the Senate.— Sir John A. Macdonald.
Act respecting Joint Stock Companies incorporated by letters patent, from the Senate. —— Sir John A. Macdonald.


Hon. Mr. Rose moved the reception of the report of the Committee of Supply. The sev- [...]


Canada. House of Commons Debates, 1869. Edited by P.B. Waite. Ottawa: Queen's Printer, 1975. Original scans accessible at: http://parl.canadiana.ca/.



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