House of Commons, 27 April 1870, Canadian Confederation with Manitoba

1224 COMMONS DEBATES April 27, 1870


Mr. Mackenzie asked whether the reports of the North-West Commissioners were to be distributed that day, and whether it was intended to introduce the Bill for the Government of the North-West that night? He had no wish to embarrass the Government, but simply to have matters proceeded with. There was a great deal of anxiety in the country, and it was desirable that the Bill should be proceeded with as soon as possible.
Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald believed that the reports would be brought down that night or to-morrow.
Hon. Mr. Morris said that the greatest despatch was being used by the printers, and the reports would be down to-morrow or next day.
Mr. Mackenzie would venture to say that if they were in the printer's hands, they could be brought down that night, (hear, hear). With regard to his second question, the House was told yesterday that the final arrangement of the Bill was a question of hours—a day had already passed.
Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald said he had been working every hour on the Bill, and had almost come to an agreement which he believed would be acceptable to the House. He thought that they would have been able to introduce the Bill that afternoon, but they could not do so till tomorrow he believed.
Mr. Mackenzie said the hon. gentleman spoke of coming to an agreement. There must then be two parties.
Hon. Mr. Holton—He means the hon. gentleman next him (Hon. Sir G.-É. Cartier).
Mr. Mackenzie—Of course, if there is any difficulty between the members of the Government on this matter, it accounts for the delay.
Hon. Sir George-É. Cartier was glad that the hon. member for Lambton could apply to the hon. member for Châteauguay, who seemed able to answer for the Ministry.
At six o'clock the House arose.


Canada. House of Commons Debates, 1870. Edited by P.B. Waite. Ottawa: Queen's Printer, 1979. Original scans accessible at: http://parl.canadiana.ca/.



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