House of Commons, 2 April 1875, Canadian Confederation with Alberta and Saskatchewan



Hon. Mr MACKENZIE moved the third reading of Bill to amend and consolidate the laws respecting the North-West Territories.
Sir JOHN MACDONALD said he did not object to the third reading and passage of this Bill, but he would again impress upon the leader of the Government the expediency, from an economical point of view, of governing the North-West Territories from Fort Garry. A commission could be issued to the Lieut. Governor of Manitoba to act for the present as Lieut. Governor of the North-West. He had plenty of time on his hands, and there was no reason in the world why he should not direct his attention to the government of the whole of the North-West for the present. The objection of the hon. Premier that the North-West Council had proved a failure, because none of its members residing west of Manitoba was fully answered by the hon. member for Selkirk who stated that APRIL 2, 1875. 1049 at least six of these gentlemen were scattered through the territory and knew all about it.
Hon. Mr. MACKENZIE received the suggestion of the hon. member, in the spirit in which it was offered, but could not adopt it. If he had not regarded this measure as a necessity he would not have introduced it. The Lieut. Governor, as one of the commissioners who accompanied the Minister of the Interior to negotiate a treaty with the Indians, although only absent three weeks from Manitoba and distant about 250 miles from that Province was obligated to issue a commission to the Chief Justice to act as Lieut. Governor of Manitoba in his absence. That was, to say the least, inconvenient, and the inconvenience would be increased, of course, in proportion to the length of absence required in administrating the affairs in the North-West.
The Bill was read a third time and passed.


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