House of Commons, 9 June 1869, Canadian Confederation with Manitoba



Wednesday, June 9, 1869

The Speaker took the chair at 3 o'clock.


Mr. M. C. Cameron presented the final report of the L'Islet Election Committee, declaiming that the election was null and void, but that the defence of the sitting member, Mr. Pouliot, was not frivilous or vexatious. The decision was based on the ground that the returning officer had disfranchised certain parishes by not granting them a poll, and was arrived at by a majority of 3 to 2. Yeas, Messrs D. A. Macdonald, Connell and Cameron. Nays, Messrs. Caron and Cimon.


Hon. Mr. Langevin brought down a return to the address for all correspondence etc., respecting the claims of the Government against James Beaty Esq. and the York Roads Company.


Hon. Mr. Rose gave notice of resolutions to authorize the Government to raise a loan of ÂŁ300,000 sterling on the Imperial guarantee to pay the Hudson's Bay Company, and a further loan not exceeding ÂŁ300,000 sterling, for the purpose of opening up communication with the North West Territory, organizing a government therein, and promoting its settlement.


Sir John A. Macdonald moved the House into Committee of the Whole on the Act respecting Insolvency. Mr. Harrison in the Chair.
Hon. Mr. Abbott moved the first clause of the Bill, which provided that the Act should apply to all persons, traders as well as non- traders, except that in the case of non-traders there should be no voluntary assignment under the Act.
Mr. Mackenzie said he still retained the convictions respecting this measure which he had already expressed. He would not again take up the time of the House, but hoped that the changes made in the Bill would be explained clause by clause.


Canada. House of Commons Debates, 1869. Edited by P.B. Waite. Ottawa: Queen's Printer, 1975. Original scans accessible at: http://parl.canadiana.ca/.



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