House of Commons, 24 March 1870, Canadian Confederation with Manitoba

684 COMMONS DEBATES March 24, 1870


Mr. Brousseau moved for the printing of 2000 copies of additional correspondence on the North-West, and 1000 in French.
Mr. Blake hoped that there would be an index to this correspondence.
Mr. Chamberlin thought the issue was double that required.
On the suggestion of Mr. Mackenzie, the question of number was delayed to give an opportunity for the Joint Committee on Printing to settle the matter.


Hon. Sir George-E. Cartier stated that the military maps would be found at the Post Office, for the use of members alone, as they were somewhat expensive to get up. He was sorry to say that there were some omissions in them, but they would be found extremely useful.
Mr. Chamberlin said in many places the headquarters were not laid down, and some wrongly laid down in his county.
Mr. MacFarlane stated that in Ontario the same omissions had taken place.
Hon. Sir George-E. Cartier said it was desirable that the maps should be issued, that all the necessary corrections should be made before another issue.


Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald desired to know if it would be in accordance with the wishes of the House to give the Government Mondays, as the time was running on when it was desirable to have the session closed.
Hon. Mr. Holton thought it would be premature to take the first Monday, as there was yet a great deal of private business to be done. If the state of business would permit after the first Monday, a motion could be taken up at the adjournment for the Government to have Wednesday.
It was arranged after some further conversation that this course should be adopted.


Mr. Dufresne called attention to the report respecting contractors on the Intercolonial [...]


Canada. House of Commons Debates, 1870. Edited by P.B. Waite. Ottawa: Queen's Printer, 1979. Original scans accessible at: http://parl.canadiana.ca/.



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