House of Commons, 14 March 1871, Canadian Confederation with British Columbia

182 COMMONS DEBATES March 14, 1871
Hon. Mr. DORION said the hon. gentleman did not seem to propose any amendment of the Act of last session except to allow the Banks to come under this general law. One part of the resolutions had given rise to some difficulty. What was meant by the words "cash reserves?" In Montreal there had been a good deal of discussion as to the exact meaning or requirement of the "cash reserves" on which was to be based the amount of Dominion notes or funds to be kept by the bank.
Hon. Sir FRANCIS HINCKS said he did not see any difficulty of the kind mentioned; nor had he heard of any, though he had had a great deal of conversation with bankers since the Act of last session was passed. The course he proposed was the reference of the Bill to the Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce, where all those matters could be fully considered. He was sure the Bill would come from that Committee in a satisfactory shape. He then moved the adoption of the first resolution, which was carried as were all the others.
Hon. Sir FRANCIS HINCKS then introduced a Bill relating to Banks and banking.


Hon. Sir GEORGE-E. CARTIER moved that the House go into committee on Friday next to consider the resolutions respecting the admission of British Columbia. He explained that as this was a most important measure it would not be discussed till Friday next.
Hon. Mr. DORION suggested that the debate be deferred till a week from Friday next.
Hon. Sir GEORGE-E. CARTIER said it was not likely that the subject would be exhausted in one day. On next Tuesday, Mr. Trutch, who was at present in Washington, would be here, and as that gentleman wished to go to England as soon as possible, the debate would commence on Tuesday.
Hon. Mr. DORION said it was a very large measure, and it would be well to have the Ontario Opposition and the members of the Ontario Cabinet who were absent, in the House while it was under discussion. The debate would be protracted rather than advanced by the course which the Government proposed.
Mr. HARRISON said it was pleasant to observe that the hon. gentlemen opposite were alive to the fact that several Ontario members were absent from the House. Yesterday, when the arbitration question was brought up, they seemed to be quite oblivious to the fact. (Hear, hear.)
Mr. MILLS thought the House should be put in possession of a statement of the imports of British Columbia before the question should be brought before the House.
After some further discussion the motion was carried.


Hon. Mr. MORRIS moved that the House go into Committee at some future day to consider certain resolutions for the establishing of a uniform system of weights and measures for all Canada. The resolutions also permitted the use of the metric system where two parties to a contract were agreeable. -Carried.


Hon. Sir FRANCIS HINCKS moved that the House go into Committee of the Whole at a future day to consider a resolution declaring it expedient to amend and consolidate, and to extend to the whole Dominion of Canada, the laws respecting the inspection of certain staple articles of Canadian produceiCarried.


Hon. Sir FRANCIS HINCKS moved the reception ofthe report of the Committee of the Whole on certain resolutions affirming the expediency of indemnifying the Government for having authorized the issue of a special warrant for $200,000, to provide for the defence of the Dominion, in repelling the Fenian invasion in the month of May last.
The resolutions having been read a second time,
Hon. Sir FRANCIS HINCKS introduced a Bill founded on them.


The House went into Committee of the Whole on Bill No. 16, to make temporary provision for the election of members to serve in the House of Commons of Canada.
Hon. Mr. IRVINE in the chair.
Hon. Sir GEORGE-E. CARTIER said he understood the hon. member opposite intended to make certain amendments to the Bill now before the Committee. He suggested that the amendments should be proposed afier the Committee should rise.


Canada. House of Commons Debates, 1871. Edited by Norman Ward and Pamela Hardisty. Ottawa: Ministry of Supply and Services Canada, 2007. Original scans accessible at: http://parl.canadiana.ca/.



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