House of Commons, 14 April 1870, Canadian Confederation with Manitoba

1042 COMMONS DEBATES April 14, 1870
Several members pressed upon the Government the desirability of doing the work in stone. The vote was then agreed to.
Item Miscellaneous Works, $15,150.—Carried.
On the item $1,300,000 for opening communication with, establishing Government in, and providing for the settlement of the North-West Territories,
Mr. Mackenzie said he hoped that when concurrence was about to be taken on that item the Government would give the House some information. Though he did not intend to speak to-night on that subject, he would state that at the next stage he would take means to elicit information.
Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald—In what direction?
Mr. Mackenzie—In several directions. I will tell the hon. gentleman confidentially that I am bound to have all the information the rules of Parliament will allow.
Hon. Mr. Holton enquired for some information with regard to the position towards the Government, in financial matters in general, of Sir John Rose, whose name he saw in the papers brought down in connection with the money part of the North-West business.
Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald said that when the papers on the subject were brought down he would be able to answer the question more fully. Sir John Rose, he might say, was a political friend of the Government, and when he went to England he said he would be very glad, having an abiding interest in Canada, to aid the Government. The Government were glad to reciprocate his services in that way. Sir John Rose had put himself en rapport with Baring & Glyn, but had not superseded them.
Hon. Mr. Holton asked if Sir John Rose had invested in the North-West purchase money.
Hon. Sir F. Hincks said the money was remitted direct to Baring & Glyn, and Sir John Rose had nothing to do with it. There was no investment of the money; Baring & Glyn had placed it at interest.
Hon. Mr. Holton said it must be not lost sight of that Sir John Rose could not, in his present position, give undivided allegiance to the interests of this country. He had become a [...]


Canada. House of Commons Debates, 1870. Edited by P.B. Waite. Ottawa: Queen's Printer, 1979. Original scans accessible at: http://parl.canadiana.ca/.



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