House of Commons, 10 June 1869, Canadian Confederation with Manitoba



Thursday. June 10, 1869

The Speaker took the chair at three o'clock.
Hon. Mr. Langevin brought down a return to the Address for a statement of all expenses connected with the survey and management of the Intercolonial Railway since the 1st April, 1868.
Hon. Mr. Cameron (Peel) introduced a Bill to amend and extend the charter of the Ontario Bank.
Sir John A. Macdonald moved that the House meet on Saturdays during the remainder of the session, at 3 o'clock, and that the business be Government orders. Carried.


Hon. Mr. Rose brought down a message from His Excellency, recommending to the favourable consideration of the House resolutions as to a loan of ÂŁ300,000 to pay the Hudson's Bay Company, and ÂŁ300,000 for opening up the North-West.
On motion of Hon. Mr. Rose. the House resolved to go into Commtitee of the Whole tomorrow to consider the said resolutions.


Hon. Mr. Rose moved concurrence in the resolutions reported from Committee of the Whole on the subject of the union of Newfoundland with the Dominion of Canada.
Mr. Blake rose to move an amendment having reference to that portion of the resolution, which applied to the acquisition by Canada of the public lands of Newfoundland. He would not wait till that resolution was moved, considering it material that amendments should be submitted at once, inasmuch as if it succeeded it would displace the whole of the present scheme, which would have to be re-arranged upon some other basis. He was opposed to the acquisition by Canada of the public lands of Newfoundland. He was decidedly opposed to the loss by Newfoundland of the public lands. The British North America Act provided that the public lands of each of the Provinces which were by that Act united should be retained by those provinces. He believed the policy carried out by the Act in that respect was unquestionable.


Canada. House of Commons Debates, 1869. Edited by P.B. Waite. Ottawa: Queen's Printer, 1975. Original scans accessible at: http://parl.canadiana.ca/.



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