Legislative Assembly, 9 April 1866, New Brunswick Confederation Debates



After the reading of the Journals and the granting of leave to bring in Bills for the incorporation of the Northern Bank, the Miramichi and Richibucto Branch Railway Company, and to amend the Act respecting the widening of Cross Street, St. John.
HON. MR. SMITH rose and stated that circumstances had arisen which compelled him to ask the indulgence of the House, and to adjourn till to-morrow afternoon at three o'clock.
MR. McCLELAN thought that the reasons should be stated that caused the Attorney General to make such a request. If the circumstances thst were mentioned affected in any way the position of the Government, it might be well to adjourn the debate on the want of confidence motion, but this need not in any way affect the general business of the House.
MR. BOYD considered it only fair, just and right to allow the Government the time they asked.
MR. WETMORE said that unless there were reasons assigned by the Government. he did not see why the local business might not be proceeded with.
HON. MR. SMITH did not wish to obstruct the public business. but circumstances had arisen, and his hon. friend from Albert might, at any rate, have a very shrewd suspicion of what they were, to render this action imperative. It 106 DEBATES OF THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY FOR 1866. would be impossible for the members of the Government to be in their seats, and in their absence they did not know what might be brought before the House. The request he had made on behalf of the Government was reasonable, and the usual one adopted, and he thought it might be complied with.
MR. CONNELL acquiesced in the request of the Attorney General, for although the local business of the country might be gone on with, yet it was customary to adjourn if the Government were not in a position to carry on the general business. He thought the time asked should be granted.
MR. MCCLELAN did not wish to throw any obstacles in the way of the Government, but he was of the opinion that matters not connected with the Government might be carried on by the House, and this was the only object he had in view in offering his remarks.
MR. GILBERT had important Bills to bring in, yet if circumstances were such that the Government were compelled to ask for an adjournment, common courtesy required that it should be granted
MR. WETMORE had not spoken with a view to oppose the Government, but, knowing that a large number of local Bills had to be passed, he though that these, as the Government were not connected with, nor affected by them, might be taken up in committee and got through with.
On motion of MR. NEEDHAM, the House then adjourned till to-morrow at 3 o'clock P. M.


New Brunswick. Reports of the Debates of the House of Assembly. St. John: G.W. Day, 1865-1867. Microfilm copies provided by the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.



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