Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly, 11 April 1866, Nova Scotia Confederation with Canada.


Wednesday, April 11.

The House met at 3 o'clock.


The House went into Committee and passed the following bills:—To appoint an additional Health Officer in the Port of Halifax; to postpone the ensuing sitting of the Supreme Court at Halifax; to authorize the sale of the old Baptist Meeting House at Caledonia; to authorize the sale of Mount Zion church at Milton, Queen's; to protect the navigation of Cow Bay   C. B.; to incorporate Little Brookfield Pier Co; to incorporate East River Coal Mining Co; to amend the law respecting Sheriffs; relative to assessment in the County of Halifax.
Hon Mr SHANNON reported up a bill to provide for the appointment of Special Constables in the city of Halifax.
Mr. ARCIHBALD reported up a bill relative to assessment; he stated that the object of the bill is to subject to assessment those persons who have large incomes and yet have no visible property to be taxed.
Mr Coffin and Mr Locke objected to the bill as it might operate hardly on poor working men, fishermen or others with only limited incomes; but Mr. Archibald said that they might be protected by a clause when the bill came up on committee.
HON ATTY GEN said that it would be found on consideration that the effect of the bill would be to lessen the present taxation of the poorer classes. The bill was read a second time.


Hon. PROV. SEC reported up from the Committee on Education. The report among other things recommended that assistance be granted to Dr. Forrester in the publication of a work on Education that would be found invaluable to teachers and others. It stated that during the present session 31 petitions had been presented in favor of, and 5 against assessment for the support of schools.  
Mr ARCHIBALD objected to that part of the Report which referred to the Halifax Grammar School; the effect would be, he said, to transfer property properly belonging to the whole body of the citizens to a private body. He sustained the grant to Dr. Forrester as most judicious.
Dr. Brown and Mr. S Campbell objected to the grant to Dr Forrester.
The report was allowed to lie on the table.
The school bill was then taken up for its 3rd reading.
Mr. S CAMPBELL then moved that 20 cents be substituted for 30 cents in the 2nd clause.
Mr Blanchard said he would support the amendment, as the clauses would operate unfairly in a county like lnverness.
Mr. Bill also supported the amendment.
The motion was lost on the following division :—
For—Heffernan, Hatfield, Hebb, Balcam, McLellan, Jost, Bill, C. J. Campbell, McDonnell, Blanchard, S. Campbell, Locke, Robertson, Ross, Ray, Coffin, Robicheau, More, Colin Campbell, Armand, Smyth.
Against—Attorney General, Prov. Sec, Shannon Pryor, Donkin, Lawrence, Donald Fraser, Cowie, Allison, Bourinot, Killam, Hill, McKay, Parker, Kaulback, Hamilton, Tobin, McKinnon, James Fraser, Dr. Brown, Archibald, McFarlane.
Mr. Bill moved that the bill be recommitted for the purpose of adding these words: "if recommended by the Grand Jury, and approved of by the Court of Sessions" He argued that the House could not do better than leave the matter of taxation in the hands of trustworthy men as composed the Court of Sessions.
The motion was lost by 13 to 38
Mr. BILL again moved that widows and unmarried females be exempt to the extent of $1000; but did not press the motion on the understanding that the subject would be dealt with when the Assessment law was under consideration
Mr. S. Campbell gave notice to rescind the vote on his motion.


Mr. BILL presented a petition signed by 200 names, from Kings Co against Confederation.
Mr MOORE, a similar petition from the same county.
HON ATTY GEN. a petition from Glace Bay C. B., in reference to a title to certain lands.  
Mr ANNAND a petition from North Queen's against Confederation.  
HON ATTY GENL a petition from Col, Chearnley and a number of Volunteer Officers complaining that they are not placed on an equality with Militia Officers
Mr. COLIN CAMPBELL urged the strong claims of the Volunteer organization to favourable consideration. They had the right of the field in the case of war, and yet were ranked inferior to Militia officers. They had not been fairly dealt with; for instance they had only received $4 a year when they had been promised $5.
Mr BILL was glad to hear such opinions expressed relative to the Volunteers, but thought the subject might be appropriately referred to the Commander-in Chief
Mr. PRYOR said that there was every disposition on the part of the Militia Committee to act friendly towards the Volunteers
Hon PROV SEC. said that the Government were disposed to treat the Volunteers in the most friendly manner, and had always done their best to promote their progress. If any reduction had been made on the amount contemplated to be given to them, it was without his knowledge.  
Mr. COLIN CAMPBELL said he was glad to hear the Provincial Secretary state that the Volunteers were entitled to the $5 last year.
In reply to Mr. Archibald the Provincial Secretary stated that every precaution had been taken to prevent any communication between the Inhabitants and the Cholera ship lying in Quarantine.
HON Mr. SHANNON presented a petition from inhabitants of Waverley asking for a lock-up-house also a bill in accordance with the prayer thereof.
Mr COWIE introduced a bill to amend Chap. 29 acts of 1865 "for the better encouragement of education." The object is to extend the time for district No 8 of the town at Liverpool for the borrowing of certain moneys for educational purposes.
The House then adjourned.


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