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Shield of the City of London Corporation
Shield of the City of London Corporation

Ruled Line

Ruled Line

A Proclamation for the prices of Tallow2
and Candles.
The Lord Maior and Aldermen his Brethren, hauing ta-
ken knowledge of the exceſſiue prices of Tallow & Can-
dles vttered3 and ſold within the City of London: and fin-
ding vpon ſearch and ſuruey made of the ſtore of Tallow
and Candles in the hand of the Tallow Chandlers, and
Candlemakers, aſwell Engliſh as Strangers, within
this City and Liberties thereof, that diuers of them not
contented with reaſonable profit, in vttering and ſelling
of Candles and Tallow, haue engroſſed vnduly into
their hands, great quantities both of Tallow and Can-
dles, thereby to enhance the prices thereof: Inaſmuch as the principall ſale lieth in the hands
of few. For remedy whereof, the Lord Maior and Court of Aldermen, haue conceiued it very
expedient and needfull, to ſet prices according to former preſidents vpon Tallow and Candles
vttered within this City. And therefore do by these preſents, ordaine, publiſh, and declare, that
no Butcher or other perſon whatſoeuer, ſhall from henceforth vtter or ſell, or cause to be vtte-
red or ſold within this City or Liberties, any English Tallow aboue the price of twentie ſixe
ſhillings eight pence the hundred weight. And that no Tallow Chandler, Candlemaker, or
other perſon whatſoeuer, that do, or ſhall make, vtter, or sell any Candles made of Tallow,
within this City or Liberties thereof, ſhall at any time heereafter, vtter or ſell, or cauſe to be
vttered or ſold, any tallow Candles aboue the prices hereafter mentioned: that is to ſay, good
Cotton Candles for foure pence farthing the pound, and good Weeke Candles for three pence
three farthings the pound, and not at any higher price or prices. And the ſaid Butchers, Tal-
low Chandlers
, Candlemakers, and ſuch other perſons afore mentioned, are hereby ſtraight-
ly charged and commanded, to obey and keepe the ſaide rates and prices ſet vpon Tallow and
Candles as aforeſaide, vntill further order to the contrary be taken by the Lord Maior and
Aldermen his Brethren, vpon paine and perill that will fall thereon.

Giuen at the Guild-hall of the Citty of London, this 14. day of September, in the
eighteenth yeare of his Maieſties reigne of England, France, and Ireland, and of Scotland the

foure and fiftieth.
God ſaue the King.

Printed at London by William Iaggard, Printer to the
Honourable City of London, 1620.


  1. In September 1620, the lord mayor of London was William Cockayne (MASL). (TLG)
  2. A substance consisting of a somewhat hard animal fat (esp. that obtained from the parts about the kidneys of ruminating animals, now chiefly the sheep and ox), separated by melting and clarifying from the membranes, etc., naturally mixed with it; used for making candles and soap, dressing leather, and other purposes (OED tallow, n.2). (TLG)
  3. To put (goods, wares, etc.) forth or upon the market; to issue, offer, or expose for sale or barter; to dispose of by way of trade; to vend, sell (OED utter, v.1.a). (TLG)


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