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Woodcut of the crest of the Mayor of London.

To the Alderman of the Ward of2
FOraſmuch as the Lords day, commonly called Sunday, is of late much
broken and prophaned, by a diſorderly ſort of people, in frequenting Ta-
, Alehouſes, and the like, and in carrying and putting to ſale Victu
all,3 and other things, and exerciſing unlawfull Games and paſtimes, to
the great diſhonour of God, and reproach of Religion. Theſe are there-
fore to will and require you, in his Maieſties name, forthwith upon ſight
hereof, to give ſtrict charge and command unto all and every the Church-
and Conſtables within your Ward, that from henceforth they doe not permit or
ſuffer any perſon or perſons, in the time of divine Service, or at any time upon the Lords
day, to be tipling4 in any Taverne, Inne, Tobaccoſhop, Alehouſe, or other Victualling
houſe whatſoever,5 nor ſuffer any Fruiterers, or Herb-women, to ſtand with Fruite, Herbes,
or other Victuall or Wares, in any Streetes, Lanes, or Allies, within your Ward, or any
other wayes, to put thoſe or any other things to ſale on that day, at any time of the day, or
in the evening thereof, or any Milkewomen to cry milke on that day, in any the Streetes, or
places aforeſaid, nor to permit or ſuffer any perſon or perſons to uſe or exerciſe upon that day
their labour in unlading any veſſels of Fruite, or other Goods, and carrying Goods on ſhore,
or in the ſtreetes, or to doe any unlawfull exerciſes and paſtimes, within your Ward, and
that expreſſe charge be given to every keeper of any Taverne, Inne, Cookes-ſhop, Tobac-
co houſe
, Alehouſe, or any other Tipler or Victualler whatſoever within your Ward, that
hereafter they receive not or ſuffer to remaine any perſon or perſons whatſoever as their gueſts
or Cuſtomers, to Tipple, Eate, Drinke, or take Tobacco in their Houſes upon the Lords
day, other then that Inholders may receive their Ordinary Gueſts, or Travellers6 and ſuch
like, who come to remaine for a time in their Inne, for diſpatch of their neceſſary buſineſſe.
And if any perſon or perſons, ſhall bee found offending in the premiſes, that then they bee
brought before me the Lord Mayor, or ſome other of his Maieſties Iuſtices of the peace, to
the end they may receive ſuch puniſhment as to Iuſtice ſhall appertaine. And hereof not to
faile, as you will anſwer the contrary at your perill. This ſecond of November, 1643.


Ruled line

Printed by Richard Cotes, Printer to the Honourable
City of LONDON.


  1. In November 1643, the lord mayor of London was John Wollaston (MASL). (SKC)
  2. A blank appears here; presumably the name of each ward would be written in by hand after the document was distributed. For a list of wards in early modern London, see Wards in the placeography. (SKC)
  3. Whatever is normally required, or may naturally be used, for consumption in order to support life; food or provisions of any kind (OED victual, n.1.a). (TLG)
  4. Depending on use, tipling can mean either [t]o sell (ale or other strong drink) by retail (OED tipple, v.1.a) or [t]o drink of intoxicating liquor: in earlier use, to drink freely or hard; to booze (OED tipple, v.2.a). Specific use here is uncertain. (TLG)
  5. For a list of victualling houses in early modern London, see Victualling Houses in the placeography. (TLG)
  6. See Tourists for more information. (JT)
  7. An abbreviation for Michaelmas term, which ran from 29 September to 24 December. (SKC)


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