1603 Survey: Chapters and Sections in the Text

This list of chapters and sections is not a transcription of the Table of the Chapters on Sigs. A4r-A4v in the 1603 Survey. It is a modernized editorial extrapolation that allows the reader to click on and load small segments of a long underlying XML file. The 1603 Survey is too long to load quickly on most browsers. For the reader’s convenience, and to facilitate processing, we recommend that readers access the text via this page. Readers who want the underlying XML file (in various flavours of TEI and XML) are invited to write to the Director.
  • Title Page
  • Dedication to the Lord Mayor
  • Table of Chapters
  • The Antiquity of London
  • Wall about the City
  • Rivers and Waters
  • Town Ditch
  • Bridges
  • Gates
  • Towers and Castles
  • Schools and Other Houses of Learning
  • Law Schools
  • Orders and Customs
  • Sports and Pastimes
  • Watches
  • Honour of Citizens
  • The City Divided into Parts
  • Portsoken Ward
  • Tower Street Ward
  • Aldgate Ward
  • Lime Street Ward
  • Bishopsgate Ward
  • Broad Street Ward
  • Cornhill Ward
  • Langbourn Ward
  • Billingsgate Ward
  • Bridge Ward Within
  • Candlewick Street Ward
  • Walbrook Ward
  • Dowgate Ward
  • Vintry Ward
  • Cordwainer Street Ward
  • Cheap Ward
  • Coleman Street Ward
  • Bassinghall Ward
  • Cripplegate Ward
  • Aldersgate Ward
  • Farringdon Within Ward
  • Bread Street Ward
  • Queenhithe Ward
  • Castle Baynard Ward
  • Farringdon Without Ward
  • Bridge Ward Without
  • Suburbs
  • Liberties of the Duchy of Lancaster
  • Westminster
  • Spiritual Government
    • Parish Churches
  • Hospitals
  • Temporal Government
    • Chronological List of Governors of the City
    • Aldermen and Sheriffs of London
    • Officers
    • Mayors’ and Sheriffs’ Liveries
    • Days the Mayor goes to St. Paul’s
    • Order of Livery Companies
    • Citizens’ Liveries
  • Apology for London
  • The Singularities of the City
  • Appendix: Causes of Royal Fines, Ransoms, and Seizures
  • Author to the Reader
  • Descriptio Nobilissimae Civitatis Londoniae

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