Amwell Head

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his Lordſhips Entertain-
ment on Michaelmas day laſt, being
the day of his Honorable Election, together
with the worthy Sir IOHN SWINARTON,>Knight
then Lord Maior, the Learned and Iuditious,

corder, and many of he Right Wor-
ſhipfull the Aldernmen of the Cit-
ty of LONDON.

At that moſt Famous and Admired
Worke of the Running Streame
from Amwell Head, into the Ceſterne neere
Iſlington, being ſole Inuention, Coſt, and
Induſtry of that Worthy Maiſter H V G H
MIDDLETON, of London Gold-
ſmith, for the generall good
of the CITTY.
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Printer’s Ornament

Printer’s Ornament
The manner of his Lord-
ſhips Entertainement vpon Micha-
elmas day laſt, being the day of his Ho-
norable Election, together with the Worthy Sir
IOHN SWINARTON, Knight, then Lord
Maior, the Learned and Iuditious, Sir

HENRY MONTAGVE, Maiſter Recor-
der, and many of the Right Wor-
ſhipfull the Aldermen of the
Citty of London.

1P erfection (which is the
Crowne of all Inuentions) ſwel-
ling now high with happy wel-
comes to all the glad well-wiſhers
of her admired Maturity, the Fa-
ther and Maiſter of this Famous
Worke, expreſſing thereby both
his thankefulneſſe to Heauen, and
his zeale to the Citty of London, in true ioy of heart
to ſee his Time,Trauailes and Expences, ſo ſucceſſiue-
ly greeted, thus giues entertainment to that Honora-
ble Aſſembly.
At their firſt appearing, the Warlike Muſicke of
Drummes and Trumpets liberally beates the Aire,
ſounds as proper as in Battell, for there is no Labour
A 2


that Man vndertakes, but hath a warre within it ſelfe,
and Perfection makes the Conqueſt, and no few or
meane On-ſets of Malice, Calumnies and Slanders,
hath this Reſolued Gentleman borne off,before his la-
bours were inueſted with Victory, as in this following
ſpeech to thoſe Honorable Auditors then placed vp-
on the Mount, is more at large related.

A Troope of Labourers, to the number of three-ſcore
or vpwards, all in greene Cappes alike, bearing in
their hands the Symboles of their ſeuerall imploy-
ments in ſo great a buſineſſe, with Drummes be-
fore them, marching twice or thrice about the
Ceſtern, orderly preſent themſelues before the
Mount; and after their obeyſance,

The Speech.

2Long have wee labour’d, long deſir’d and praid
For this great Workes perfection, and by th’ Aide
Of Heauen and good Men’s wiſhes, ’tis at length
Happily conquer’d by Coſt, Art, and Strength;
And after fiue yeares deere expence in dayes,
Trauaile and paines, beſides the infinite wayes
Of Malice, Enuy, falſe ſuggeſtions,
Able to daunt the Spirits of mighty ones
In Wealth and Courage, This, a Worke ſo rare,
Onely by one mans Induſtry, Coſt, and Care
Is brought to bleſt effect, ſo much withſtood,
His onely Aime, the Citties generall Good,
And where before many uniuſt Complaints
Enuiouſly Seated, hath oft cauſ’d Reſtraints,
Stoppes and great Croſſes to our Maiſters Charge,

And the Workes hinderance; Favour now at large
Spreds it ſelfe open to him, and commends
To admiration both his Paines and Ends.
(The Kings moſt Gracious Loue) Perfection draws
Fauour from Princes, and from all Applauſe,
Then Worthy Magiſtrates,to whoſe Content
Next to the State, all this great Care was bent,
And for the publicke Good (which Grace requires)
Your Loues and Furtherance chiefly he deſires
To cheriſh theſe proceedings, which may giue
Courage to ſome that may hereafter liue
To practiſe deedes of goodneſſe and of Fame,
And cheerfully Light their Actions by his Name.
Clearke of the worke, reach me the booke to ſhow
How many Arts from ſuch a Labour flow.

Theſe lines following are read in the
Clearkes Booke.

Firſt here’s the Ouer-ſeer, this try’d Man,
An antient Souldier, and an Artizan;
The Clearke, next him Mathematitian;
The Maiſter of the Timber-worke takes place
Next after theſe, and the Meaſurer in like caſe,
Bricke-layer, and Enginer, and after thoſe
The Borer and the Pavier, then it ſhowes
The Labourers next, Keeper of Amwell-Head,
The Walkers3 laſt, ſo all their Names are read,
Yet theſe but parcels of ſixe hundred more,
That at one time haue beene employd before,
Yet theſe in ſight, and all the reſt will ſay,
That euery weeke they had their Royall Pay.

A 3

The Speech goes on.
Now for the Fruits then, flow forth pretious Spring
So long and deerely ſought for, and now bring
Comfort to all that loue thee, lowdly ſing,
And with thy Criſtall murmurs ſtrucke together,
Bid all thy true wel-wiſhers Welcome hither.

At which words the Floud-gate opens, the Streame
let in into the Ceſtern, Drummes and Trumpets giu-
ing it Triumphant welcomes, and for the cloſe of
this their Honorable entertainment, a peale of Cham-

5 AP 58
Printer’s Ornament
Critical Works


  1. Woodblock of initial P extends for eight lines of text. ZV.
  2. Typeset of initial L extends for two lines of text.
  3. walkers: An officer of the New River Company, having the charge of a ’walk’ or ſection of the bank (OED walker n.6).

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