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Tweaks to build process XSLT

After seeing a problem in the rendering of a closer in Sonnet 1609, I discovered that we have no template handling closers, so I've added it to the generic block output template. Then CC and I worked to refine the rendering of one particular closer that was giving trouble.

We then addressed the issue of spaces before commas, which are possibly accidentals and possibly not; rather than remove them or regularize them in the TEI, we decided to remove the spaces in the normalized versions of the texts, so I've now added that to the hcmc:processText() function.


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Fixes for weird document structure

There were several instances in which document content such as figure and head elements was directly inside the front or body, without any intervening div. This was causing rendering issues -- head element styles were being lost, for example. I fixed all instances of this, and added a Schematron rule to prevent it in future.

We've also devised a bit of an encoding hack, involving nested date elements, to get around the TEI's decision not to allow @when alongside other attributes on dates. CC will implement it by examining all cases, and then I'll deal with any processing fallout as required.


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Working on "other documents linking to this" functionality

Gradually figuring out the best way to include the list of other documents which link to a reference or a bibliography item. I'm coming around to the view that the way to do this is to put the list into the AJAX fragments (already done for references, not working for divs yet), and replace any existing link or reference in an HTML document with the content of the AJAX fragment (slightly processed to remove links to the current document itself, perhaps).

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Fixes for Le Bon Mariage

This document had some very weird structural issues caused during an earlier phase of encoding, which resulted in a large number of superfluous div elements and some chapter content finding itself outside of its chapter div. With CC, went through and fixed all these issues.


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TODO: Ellipsis for category intros

Make the introductions for each document type TOC collapse to an ellipsis. People need to see the TOC.

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TODO: References do not point to documents

The reference entries used to be accompanied by a list of all the documents mentioning them, but the static site doesn't have that. Bring it back!


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Version 6.1 beta published

Mariage version 6.1 has been built and pushed to the live server. In the build process, found and reported a linkchecker bug.


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Starting on Mariage documentation

I'm finally getting around to writing proper ODD-based documentation for the Mariage project, starting with a description of the use of Image Markup in the project, prompted by a request to talk about it. I've done an intro, and the section on the IMT and image markup in the project. More later...


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Mariage version 6 (beta) goes live

The next incarnation of our project Le mariage sous L'Ancien Régime is now live at mariage.uvic.ca. It's still officially a beta version, but all the pieces are in place.


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XHTML 5, vnu and validation

Today I worked through a stack of issues in building and validating the site, and I now have some recommendations and insights worth recording.

First, I determined that vnu was parsing our documents as HTML because they had the .html extension. The HTML parser does a bunch of pre-validation things (like lower-casing custom data attributes) which we would prefer to avoid. I also discovered that using the XHTML output method in Saxon was paradoxically adding a meta tag to the header specifying content type as text/html, which was also pushing vnu into treating the documents as HTML rather than XHTML. Solutions:

  1. Use this for the xsl:output element:
    <xsl:output method="xhtml" include-content-type="no" encoding="UTF-8" omit-xml-declaration="yes"
        exclude-result-prefixes="#all" normalization-form="NFC"/>
    The method attribute gives you correct results in terms of not producing things like self-closed empty div tags. The include-content-type="no" value suppresses the unwanted meta tag with the wrong content type.
  2. Do the HTML5 doctype like this:
    <xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes"><!DOCTYPE html>
    It's ugly but it works.
  3. Always include the charset meta tag:
    <meta charset="UTF-8"/>
  4. Before validating, copy only the HTML files to a fresh empty directory and validate them there. This is because of what is explained below.
  5. For validation using vnu.jar, use this command-line setting:
    In an ant task, it looks like this:
       <java jar="utilities/vnu/vnu.jar" failonerror="true" fork="true">
          <arg value="-Dnu.validator.client.content-type=application/xhtml+xml"/>
          <arg value="--format text"/>
          <arg value="--skip-non-html"/>
          <arg value="tmpValidation/"/>
    The problem is that when you set the content type as in the first argument, the --skip-non-html flag no longer seems to work; it sets about validating every jpeg and javascript file in the tree. I think this must be a vnu bug, but I haven't tested thoroughly yet.

Following these steps should produce good XHTML5 (assuming your XSLT is right) and validate it as XHTML.

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