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Useful XPATH for editors

This is the start of a list of XPath expressions that will help you find stuff in the MoM dataset.

* To find all the places that do NOT have a Pleiades link, open PLAC1.xml and put this in the 'XPath 2.0' box at the top left of the oXygen editor:
//place/placeName[not(@type="aka") and not(@ref)]


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Working my way through some corrections

I'm working my way through the character listings, correcting as I go. I'm trying to go alphabetically but keep getting led astray ... in any event, here are today's corrections:
  1. Abas son of Lynceus and Hypermnestra: has two “Spouses” listed, Aglaia and Lyrcus. Lyrcus is his bastard son, not his spouse.
  2. Anchises who is the father of Echepolus of Sicyon, who is a Greek, cannot be the same Anchises as the one who is the father of Aeneas, since they are Trojan. at least it seems very unlikely. I would create a second Anchises.
  3. Gorgophone’s spouse is correctly listed as Perieres, but Perieres’ spouse is incorrectly listed as Gorgo (who is the spouse or something of Egyptus).
  4. One of Gorgo’s possible mothers is listed as Andromeda, but this is again because she has been confused with Gorgophone.
  5. Another of Gorgo’s possible mothers is listed as Androdamas, but Androdamas is a male, son of Phlias.
  6. Androdamas’ spouse is given as Phineus, but Phineus is also male and never (successfully) married.
  7. All of the children ascribed to Androdamas are actually children of Andromeda.
  8. Phineus’ spouse is listed as Andromeda, but in fact he didn’t marry her, because Perseus turned him to stone first. Phineus had no spouse.
  9. Aphareus is listed as the father of Ida (a nymph who reared Zeus), Lynceus, and Pisus, and Lynceus’ siblings are listed as Ida and Pisus. However Aphareus is the father of IDAS (a son), not Ida, who has no known parents, like most nymphs. Aphareus’ children are Idas, Lynceus and Pisus; Lynceus’ siblings are Idas and Pisus.


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ATT: Deia

I finally have gotten to the links you have sent me, of places that (I thought) need Pleiades links. It seems they have been, for the most part, completed? Can you offer any updates on what's going on with that list? Thanks:)


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April 23

Carried on through PAUS 3; I created HIPP59, ARIP1, CHRY16, ANAX10, ARCH19, ZEUX3, HEGE1, COAN4, PHAR4, ANTA5, TEAS1, LAMP4, PENT10 and PERI39. I also made LYSA3 and ARIS19 and ARCH19 and ZEUX3; and AGES4. Worked up to PAUS 3.6.4.


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April 17-19 - Pausanius Errors List

I have been working down the length of the Pausanius errors list that was created by Jazz. For the most part, the list contains places that need to be created with accompanying geo-referencing links from both Pleiades and from the vertex. For the majority of the places that I have created, I am able to link to geo-spaces with both sites, however there are some entries that I have created that are either a) a singular reference point for both, and so I have left them with only one reference (to Pleiades) or (rarely) that I am unable to find whatsoever. I am updating the Paus Errors list daily. I am on "D", I have no idea where I will get to by the end of my contract hours, however, I plan to take the list that Deia has provided and integrate it with Jazz's list to ensure that the next person who works on this project is not just checking redundancies. Due to the nature of this work being somewhat slow and repetitive, I am only updating the blog every few days rather than everyday, for the sake of not being completely repetitive. Please leave me a note here if you want to know more or email me amorenamae@gmail.com if there is something that you need to know more immediately that I am able to help with.


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April 16th

Today I continued reading PAUS 3. I created THEO5; POLE2, EURY64, ANAX8, EURY65, LEON5, ANAX9; CLEO28, DORI8, LEON6; PLEI5; ISAG1; DEMA1, ARIS18, AGES3, LEOT1, and ASTA2. I also added all these characters to their respective genealogies and the organisation of Spartan Royal Family. I worked up to 3.4.5.


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April 12th

Today I finished Pausanias 2! It is not completely done as select places and people still need to be added; but it has significantly more than before. Today I created POLE1, AGES2, ARCH16, AMYC5, TELE19, ALCA9, PERI38, THAL7, CHAR10, EUTH2, POLY53, and DORY4 and added a description to ICAR4. I worked up to PAUS 3.3.2.


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April 11th

Working on Pausanias 2, I created CLYM8, CHTH6, ATHE5, COLO4, EURY63, NICA2, EUNO3, POLY6, CHAR9, ERAT5, LYSI14, PEIS9, NERO1, NAUP4. I worked up to 2.38.4.


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April 5th

I fixed and made a blog post about a term issue in 2.32.10. I also created EURO6, HERO3, PYTH6, and HERM9, straightened out the HERM problem, and fixed the misattributions I found in TYND1 and TYND2. I also added to my pers and place lists and worked up to PAUS 2.35.4 and will continue here next day.
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Under the advice of Greg, for the sake of clarity in PAUS 2.32.10, I have removed the term brackets from the Greek terms about olives. It may be helpful later to find some coding that will highlight these terms without ommitting them from the sentence. I have done the same for cosmosandalon in 2.35.5.

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