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Pausanias updates Jan 9 2019

Worked on 4.14 - 4.15 by accident at first so that is all marked up. I made my way back to 3.14 to continue grinding the tombs and sanctuary placements. They are becoming much easier to place as I have more of them on the Mercator Vertex. Using the same sources as previous blogs.

Small note on an issue in Pausanias. Greg has coded it so that we do not receive validation errors from things in "Quote" markup. Since quotes don't currently show up on the site we do not have to mark them up correctly as of now. This will be discussed more in the future with Dr. Bowman.

Happy new year!



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Functional scale of agora

Since the spartan acropolis is easy to see, as its the raised earth section upon which the theatre and other remains are located, we can place the Agora. According to thucydides and pausanias' description of a westward road leading from the agora past the theatre we can place it south of the acropolis. This may be going into extreme detail but I would like to create a map of Sparta that shows as close to exact locations as possible.


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Spartan topography

Came across a source source to help with the placement of structures within the ancient city of Sparta. Pausanias' account can often be vague using words like "near" and "opposite" to describe locations. THe source is from 1893 and has some detailed drawings that reference locations we can still see today. The authors name is Nicholas Crosby and the stable link is below.

Spartan Topography: https://www.jstor.org/stable/496068

Every time this source is used to place something in Sparta, put a note saying it was used.


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Places with little to no evidence

Pausanias consistently refers to locations such as temples, sanctuaries, towns or tombs that may have once existed but there is no other evidence. In many cases you can gather a rough idea of the location, but pinpointing it on a map is impossible, In this case we will still give the location markup, but we will use the coordinates of the smallest known region. A good example of this is is something i came across today:

"There is also a sanctuary of Maron and of Alpheius" -Pausanias 3.12.9

Now we know two things:

1)from context and the paragraph proceeding it we know it is near the temple of Artemis in Sparta
2)There are no other records of the sanctuary, but we know they are distinguished Spartans in the battle of Thermopylae

Since we can't give a pinpoint location for the sanctuary I will mark it up as being in Sparta and leave a description that says:

There is not enough evidence to give an exact location.


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Sanctuaries/Temples/Tombs error

Worked on Pausanias 3.12. Started to place sanctuaries and heroic monuments within the ancient city of sparta. Using barrington, primary sources other than paus and topographic maps as reference to place them. Slow progress through this section. At some point myself or someone else will need to go back through pausanias and change all of the markup on sanctuaries. They have been marked up wrong. Example:

Temple of *markup*Artemis*markup*

It should really be a location so we need to add a new place and get coordinates, the new ID would be:

*markup*Temple of Artemis*markup*


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Pausanias 3.11 markup november 20

Marked up most of 3.11 starts going back to early spartan history naming new places in the area.


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Pausanias updates Nov 14 2018

Markup Paus 3.10 to the start of 3.11. He finishes the Spartan king lineage and moves into a walkabout of the southern Peloponnese. Many new places to add.


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Pausanias Updates Nov 9: 3.9.6-3.10.3

Worked on markup 3.9.6-3.10.3 moving from the end of Agesilaus II reign into his sons Archidamus III. Added new people and fixed some validation issues in the ORGS and PLACE files. Names fixed: place - BARC , person - Arcesilaus and Artace.


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Worked on Places for HDT4

Added places and researched Pleiades alt place names.


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Adding a new IDs

When you encounter a new person, place or group you need to create a new ID for them in the appropriate folder. It is important to first check if this new ID is already in the database under another name. This typically happens with people when they are known by an alias or simply spelled differently by another author. Once you confirm they are new you need to take the first four letters of the name and add a number to the end that has not been used in order to create a unique identity. To do this please go to the following link: https://mythsdev.uvic.ca/exist/apps/myths/detail.html?id=THRA7 . This is a workaround that we are using to find if the ID has been taken. It will scan the documents for the ID you choose and if the search fails you know the ID is available. If you have any more issues consult Greg. I have an example below for you to see how it works.


I want to add Thrysybulus as he is new.

Next I go to the link and check IDs to find a free one starting with THRA1.

Link again: https://mythsdev.uvic.ca/exist/apps/myths/detail.html?id=THRA1

THRA1 through THRA 8 return results, I find that THRA9 is the first available ID as the search fails.

I now go into the PERS document and add THRA9 now I markup my text

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