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Pausanias updates Oct 12, 2018

Worked on the Spartan king lineage from Archidamus, to Agis II and Agesilaus. Sections 3.8.1 to 3.9.3. Here is a picture of the lineage mind map for this section.


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Rivers and things

Deliberating what to do with the many rivers in Scythia. Currently I'm just listing them down until I decide if I want to just do the source and end or if I want to mark them out more carefully. To be referred to Greg Newton and Laurel Bowman. It seems that Atlas might also be on a mountain.


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Mapping Herodotus 4 a river adventure

I've found that many of the places on my list are rivers and I've been contemplating the best way to map them. Initially I was simply marking the best location for the river head. I'm unsure if my work has been committing.


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Regular expressions and persNames

Today I practised what Greg Newton taught me last week to find names and places in the text using grep. This week I have been adding places to the PLAC1. I also constructed a cheat sheet for myself which can be shared with future workstudy students if they desire.


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Herodotus Places

Today Greg Newton showed me some XSLT to compare Herodotus 4 with the Place list. I also added my first place, the racecourse of Achilles (RACE1) My next work session will be continuing with the comparison


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Found a good site for Pausanias (maybe others).
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Pausanias updates

Greg and I will continue to search for the proper titles for each Pausanias Chapter. Currently on about 60 titles have been put into place. Their origin is unknown, though they do align with the material. I worked on PAUS 3.7 working on getting comfortable with the XML again. It has come back quickly and I have been adding new people and organizations as Pausanias comes to the end of kings in Sparta.


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Checking HDT4 against mom Database

Note: Convention is LatLong. I'm constructing a list of places that need to be added to the MoM database. Once I finish places I will move on to people. Today went slower because of set up. Next day I'm hoping will go significantly faster. Compared the following places against the database: Argos Bodrum Red Sea Persian Gulf Greece Egypt Tyre Phoenicia Poti Troy Halys River Syria Paphlagonia Black Sea Ionia Sardis Lydia


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Orientation #2: Working with XPath, discussion

Today I learned how to use XPath to search Book 4 of Herodotus and find names / places specifically in that section. I also discussed with Greg Newton as per my goals for the project and we have agreed that I will follow the the events/people/places format of the myths on maps project. Next steps are for me to compare places and people against the Person and Place documents in the Myths on Maps project and make notes on what will need to be added and what is already in the system.


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Orientation #2: Learning XPath and Oxygen XML

Today I completed the XPath tutorial on the W3 schools. I can now do some basic xpath, including using xpath to search people, organisations, and places in the Myths on Maps Project and find their associated IDs. I also explored Oxygen XML and took 5 minutes to skim the manual so I had an idea of what sort of things the program can do. My next work session will be refining what I can do with XPath: searching particular books or sections of a document rather then the entire document. Side note: At some point it may be useful to explore XSLT but it may not be necessary for a project of the size I am working on.

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