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DH Pixelating Mixer

Wrote and submitted an abstract for the Pixelating mixer at UBC in June and added it to the Github repo.


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Fixes to sources appendix and more sourceDoc stuff

  1. Spent the beginning of the day cleaning up some tickets from Asana and answer email. JJ noticed that the Works Cited at the bottom of the documents was pulling in too much stuff. That took some investigating, but it turns out the bibliography was getting pulled in from any ref/@type='bibl' citation indiscriminately across the TEI document. JJ decided that we should just be getting the bibls referenced in the text; these bibls already appear in the listBibl in the sourceDesc, so it makes sense to use that to make our appendix. That's fixed now
  2. Spent the other half of the day working on the text to sourceDoc transformation. There are a number of little bugs that appear; whenever I think I've got it finished, a different pageant becomes invalid. I've realized that I need to rewrite the whole thing and incorporate what I've learned about these documents and the shifting hierarchies. It will go faster now that I have a better plan going forward and I think this will be a tenable way to move forward in the sourceDoc encoding of our texts; we might even want to adapt this for LEMDO to create actual folio transcriptions (or some base transcription) for these texts.
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Met with JL, AH, and JJ to discuss next steps for LEMDO. Lots of great questions and discussion, which JL and AH will document. That documentation will need to be turned into TEI somehow, but we haven't discussed how to do it just yet; they're currently doing it all in Google docs and creating an index in Google Docs.


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Text to sourceDoc

More work on the text to sourceDoc transformation. Tested across all of the published mayoral pageants and spent a good amount of time re-working the pb/fw extraction code, which is convoluted but I think is now working well. There are also some issue with hi elements and line elements to do with styling, but those should be resolvable soon.


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A potential conversion from text to sourceDoc

Spent today experimenting on a text to sourceDoc transformation for the new Mayoral pageant protocol. I wanted to see if it was feasible to take a mayoral text that is encoded in MoEML's current standards and transform it into a sourceDoc version. It's a tricky thing, since the hierarchies are radically different. That said, I think I have it working; the hardest, and most time consuming part, was getting it so it would break the a paragraph/div at a pb element. Tested on MONU1 and CHRU1--works okay, but still more to do.

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MDH: vacation days (38 + 25) - 3 = (35 + 25) days left

Taking three days of vacation next week; that leaves 38 from what I carried over at the end of the year, plus 25 accruing over this year.

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MDH: Vacation day status: 38 days without 2018 days

Bringing vacation days up to date: I had 13 days left from 2016 and 25 from 2017, so I have 38 days before the addition of this year's days.

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413 hours G&T and 2 days CTO - 2 days = 0 days CTO

Using 2 days of CTO for next week's vacation.

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In-page OL maps now basically working, but more to do

Today I replaced the Google Map with an OpenLayers map in the site pages. The map is based on KML rather than JSON, because that's what we have, but ultimately I'll probably switch it to JSON. It also needs functionality for showing the popup info about sources, and the OL KML parser currently fails to pick up the rose icon for points, but we'll get there on that one. I'm now a little less worried about being overtaken by the Google problem, but I'll need at least another couple of days to get everything properly shaken down to the point where we can publish.


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Agas Map now working with current OL; plans for replacing Google

I now have a fully working Agas Map based on Open Layers. There's more that could be done, and I will revisit the pan/zoom functionality later, but the next job is the urgent replacement of the Google Maps feature with OSM. I've successfully tested an implementation of an OL map using the KML that we're currently generating, and I think that will be the way to approach it. It'll take some work. At present, the Icon style setting doesn't appear to be supported, although it is being retrieved. I think we'll need to override the styles from the KML, which will actually be nice because OL gives us more flexibility there. The other thing not yet working is the annotation popups, and that may have to be done in a different way.

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