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Annotation highlighting

Annotation highlighting is more-or-less working now. Most of the work is done in an XSLT module; it will probably need to be modified to handle collations and will need some serious checking to ensure that it works for all the various cases, but, as far as I can tell, it's working well. Ran into some issues with data-* attributes and case sensitivity, but should be resolved.


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Meeting with JT

Discussed plans and evolved a new idea for an ODD for ODD/Documentation with its own processing, to be part of the Endings project. More coming on this.


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Between two anchors

I've been trying to figure out the best way to retrieve all nodes between two anchors; I'm not changing the document hierarchy (i.e. I'm not tagging them), but I want them for labelling purposes etc. But doing following:: and preceding:: or using the following/preceding operators (>>) operators with intersect isn't very efficient.

It's nice because we have @xml:ids on these things, so it's easy enough to know when to stop. It's not generalized for non-id'd things (although, I bet you could use generate-id(.)).

<xsl:function name="hcmc:betweenTwoAnchors" as="node()*"> <xsl:param name="anchor1" as="node()"/> <xsl:param name="anchor2" as="element(anchor)"/> <xsl:variable name="f1" select="$anchor1/following::node()[1]" as="node()"/> <xsl:variable name="f2" select="$f1/following::node()[1]" as="node()?"/> <xsl:copy-of select="$f1"/> <xsl:choose> <xsl:when test="($f2/self::anchor and $f2/@xml:id = $anchor2/@xml:id) or empty($f2)"/> <xsl:otherwise> <xsl:copy-of select="hcmc:betweenTwoAnchors($f1,$anchor2)"/> </xsl:otherwise> </xsl:choose> </xsl:function> <
Basically, it works by taking in two boundary points, using the left one and stepping to the next node; if the node immediately following that one is the anchor tag, then exit; if it's not, run the thing again, but using the next node ($f1). This is all actually documented in the LEMDO code, but thought I should put it here in case.


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ODD, Schematron, and XSLT

Working on the ODD to allow teiCorpus (which was trivial), but then spent a long time trying to get a schematron rule in place to check the attributes of a processing-instruction. Note that XSL variables do work in schematron patterns, but functions and other bits (at least with the current stylesheets) do not.

The second issue was that the schematron building code (that I lifted from MH's Keats code) does not automatically process "foreign elements" (i.e. XSLT variables) in the final XSLT step (iso-to-svrl-2.xsl). You have to add an "allow-foreign=true" parameter to the XSLT for it to work as expected.


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Adding egXML and CSS validation

Following MoEML, I added the egXML and CSS validation steps to the buildValidate.xml build. Had to modify it slightly, since MoEML often uses collections whereas the builds currently rely more on filesets. It simplified things slightly.

Had to deal with quite a bit of fallout, since our egXMLs were either invalid or our schema wasn't handling things properly.


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More meetings

Phone and personal meetings with three people re the latest developments; slight reshuffling of plans.


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Meetings and planning

Meetings today with MC, JJ and JT, with lots of planning and the writing of a sitrep to pass to MB.


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Met with JJ and MH to discuss plans moving forward, particularly documentation and plans. We're going to make sure our documentation is easily navigable from the outset, with maps and decision trees giving multiple pathways to get to a particular bit of documentation.

Also made some headway on the build processes themselves; I've been able to modularize the builds so that the master build (lemdo/build.xml) calls a number of other builds (all with suffix '_master.xml') that themselves call either XSLTs or other modular build processes. Each of the smaller master builds can be run on its own (it also includes the globals module) or they can be run from the master one


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XWIki conversion

Working on the XWiki conversion; oddly, the converter tool that XWiki uses to export the texts is inconsistent. If you use the "texts" space, it gives you a fragment with a content element (in no namespace), if you don't, it gives you the full XHTML page in the XHTML namespace. So if you want to download all of the texts associated with a text (i.e. all the things in edition 1HW), then you use the text space and convert the content element; if you want to get something like a paratext page, then you have to convert the body in the XHTML namespace.

I now have a conversion working that first turns the former situation into the latter and then converts it all the same way; I also worked a lot on the linking, file naming, and other parts the HTML conversion. The conversion looks good and gives us an excellent starting point; there will need to be lots of edits to the pages, but otherwise, they are good. We can cut off XWiki anytime now.


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Eliminating rend

Spent some time implementing what MDH, JJ, and I discussed regarding @rendition and @rend. We won't use @rend and we will always use @rendition or @style; we would have our own prefix ('rnd'), which are initially based on simplePrint.

The next challenge will be a way to say: either choose from this list OR use one defined within the file. I don't think you can do that in Pure ODD, so I'll have to figure out some schematron to constrain that.

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