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Meeting with SFO

They have prepared ontology/taxonomy spreadsheets, and JT will turn those into TEI taxonomies before we start mapping them onto elements and attributes.


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Wrapping up 1st campaign for ISE3

Discussed what needs to be done regarding the ODD and summarized the work over the last week before vacation.


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ISE3 Templates

Met with JJ and MT today for first walk-through of initial work, which went well. All of the ANT builds are currently working on Windows, which is great. Also finished up some templates (Decided to move from the regular project templates to ANT builds, which gives us a bit more control of where the documents end up).

We also decided today to hold off on doing the editor specific ODD; it's all a bit tricky with potentially different frameworks for TEI because of different versions of oXygen. We can almost do the same thing in schematron anyway.


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ISE3 Editor packages

Been busy trying to get everything finished before vacation, so I've been forgetting to blog. Summary of minutes below.

Editor packages should be good to go. Everyone has schemas, xprs, and tools in their project files, with the tools doing fairly decent lemma checking. I'm fairly confident that the ODD is good enough to start working with. I was able to get annotation and collation templates ready as well. I also added DJ's files from a few years ago to the repo and started chipping away at them; they're good and interesting TEI experiments that need a fair bit of wrangling to get into ISE3 TEI. A good exercise, though, since it's contributing greatly to the ODD and schematron.

Minutes summary: 23: 330min; 27: 360min; 28: 540min (360 in office)


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ISE3: Editor package

Discussed issues regarding witnesses with JJ, MH, and MT today and hashed out exclusion/inclusion of witnesses. Sorted that out, got the ODD + taxonomies transform working and then I started work on a new SGML->TEI build that creates a full edition package for editors. Almost done--just need to create the XPR file for each package. Next will be the editor build tools. Edit: Worked an extra 180 minutes at home getting editor build tools up and running.


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Finished documenting the lemma checker and discussed editor tools with MT. Also continued work on the ODD and discussed best linking practice in terms of docs and TLNs. MT and I decided that on a few prefixDefs, the main ones being:
  • ident="doc" | matchPattern="(.+)(#.+)?| replacementPattern="http://ise3.uvic.ca/$1$2". This gets us around TLNs not yet having explicit xml:ids (which we also decided will only be local to the document, not project-wide)
  • ident="tln" | matchPattern="(.+)" | replacementPattern="iseH5_FM.xml#tln-$1". This will only be used in the context of @to and @from in the apparatus files. The prefix will be defined for each apparatus/collation document so that the link will refer to a specific TLN in the text file (i.e iseH5_FM will change).
  • And simple ones to refer to people, document types, and glyphs


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Lemma matching

Revamped lemma matching code to make it much more efficient. It has now been split into 3 XSLTs, chained together in a build process. The lemma match function has also been rewritten so that it reports errors more accurately.
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Discussions on lemma matchin

Posting time spent discussing lemma matching and milestone insertion over the past two days.


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Lemma matching and ODD tutorial

Met with MH and MT about ODD creation. We've decided that we're going to try and do most of the documentation in the ODD itself and create an ISE-TEI guidelines from the standard transform (and wrap it in the ISE's styling). Most of the day was spent working on the apparatus matching code, which has preoccupied my thought for a while. I have an XSLT in the Git repo that matches lemmas that seems to be working; it's finding errors that are truly errors (incorrect ranges, bad characters, etc). The process is: * Tokenize the entire source text in 'c' elements with generated @xml:ids * Look at a TLN and see if we can find the right following characters that string together the proper phrase * If there's a match, add it to the @to/@from attributes in the span/app (depending on the context) * Then in a final pass, get rid of all the c elements and add anchors if there is an apparatus entry that references the character xml:id There's a lot of working with preceding nodes and ensuring characters are following the right TLN and all the nodes are being processed twice (first to find the beginning anchor and then again to find the ending anchor). This isn't the most efficient, but I think it will work out well. The next step is to integrate this into an Editor build tool as a diagnostic.


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Annotations and collations

Long day with lots of work done on annotations and collations. We have a fairly solid structure up and running. ise:rdg/@resp are becoming tei:rdg/@wit that will point to a tei:witness/xml:id in the header of the document that @corresp to a series, etc. Annotations have become a list of tei:notes with spans, glosses, and other notes. Still have to figure out iembeds, which will be worth while when converting the XWiki documents. This is all coming together nicely.

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