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Supplementary documents

Mostly working on supplementary documents and corresponding with JL and CW. These documents are coming along nicely.


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More DRE conversion

Converted 3LL, 3L3LL, OWT, and TTR3 from DRE. These were fairly straightforward and look fine in the output. The rest of the QME texts have specific issues, which I've emailed JJ about.


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DRE text conversion

Converted FV, FBFB, and Leir from the QME site; the conversion seems to be working well still, but every text throws a new wrench. These look good, though, but they are the already published ones; the next ones might be a bit trickier.


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Met with JL, AH, and JJ to discuss next steps for LEMDO. Lots of great questions and discussion, which JL and AH will document. That documentation will need to be turned into TEI somehow, but we haven't discussed how to do it just yet; they're currently doing it all in Google docs and creating an index in Google Docs.


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Lots and lots of work on the conversion code and converting the DRE texts. Tried three (1HW, 2HW, AHDM) and they only required a few small tweaks to get them working. The annotations and XWiki documents are also working, which was a nice surprise. The code had to be tweaked a fair bit and it certainly requires some better documentation, but it's coming along

Also created a new build in conversion/buildEverything.xml. This code calls the three other builds (buildSgml, buildApparatus, buildXWiki) so that we can build a number of documents fully. There is now a parameter for works, which is a list of works (AYL, H5, MND) and the build iterates over the list, doing the full conversion for each work. Worked well for DRE. (To note: each individual build works by itself and does not depend on buildEverything in any way.)


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ANT Java dialogs appearing behind oXygen fix

Pop up dialog boxes created from embedded Javascript in Ant were appearing behind oXygen, which wasn't very user friendly. I posted a ticket on the Oxygen forum (https://www.oxygenxml.com/forum/topic16346.html) and the solution suggested worked. Basically, I had to create an empty JFrame and then place the other dialog boxes on top of them. It slows down the process slightly, but I'd rather sacrifice speed for usability. Code below posted for future reference:

//Create a new Jframe
var frame = new javax.swing.JFrame();

//Set it on top
frame.setAlwaysOnTop( true );

//Set location
frame.setLocationByPlatform( true );

//Close it when it closes

//No decoration

//Display it

//Now get the inputter for the message
var inputter = new javax.swing.JOptionPane();

//Put the dialog there and show the message with the frame as its parent.
var message = javax.swing.JOptionPane.showInputDialog(frame, "Please enter a short message summarizing what you did today.");

//If the message is empty, break.
if (message.isEmpty()){
javax.swing.JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "No message entered. Aborting.");
throw "Process cancelled. Aborting!";

//Set the message property in ANT
project.setProperty("message", message);
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Jenkins job and new build

Got the Jenkins job working with the LEMDO name and a new build up and running after a request for the id page from JL. I've split the id list generation code out from diagnostics.

I've also combined the username and password getting Javascript into one dialog box, which is much nicer for the user--it's a much more familiar look and feel.


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More work on editor packages

Editor packages are working well now on my machine and the instruction documents are starting to come together. We need to start testing cross-platform, which is the next step.


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Editor packages in oXygen

Lots of work done today on editor packages in oXygen. I've now put the schematron within the ODD file, have it building out in the proper files (thanks to MH's code), and have a nice validation suite working. In data/tools/, there's a file called "validate.html"; editors can open it up, press the play button, and all of their files are validated.

I've modified MH's process schematron code slightly so that it doesn't fail immediately if it finds an error; it compiles all the errors first and prints out the message, and then fails. I like this a bit more, since I would likely use this code when debugging/testing the ODD, etc, and it's nice to see all the errors all at once.

The setup and updating builds are both working nicely; still not cross-OS compatible, but otherwise they're nearly ready to be used, I think. However, the committing stuff is melting my brain. I've looked at both svnant (http://subclipse.tigris.org/svnant.html) and svntask, and tried nearly everything I could find online, but nothing seems to work. More work to be done there.

Edit: I was misspelling the variable (I was passing ${password} and not ${pwd}). A very silly mistake, which I will chalk up to the combination of travel, conferencing, and sun over the last few days.


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Work on SVN packages

Got the first SVN package working, thanks to MH's advice yesterday. It is working on my machine, but we'll have to test consistently across machines and OS. Still need to make it compatible for Windows, but so far it's working nicely. I still need to write the code to get schemas and oxygen XPR files. That will still take some time, but I think the commit / up stuff should go faster. I'll write these three first, and then do the template files.

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