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With TEH, working on refactoring of epub output

Having written it, we're now writing it properly. :-) TEH is very patiently starting back at the beginning to give us a well-organized and documented process for the epub generation. Did some basic planning and worked on the early stages today.


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Setting up computer

Received computer and spent some time tonight setting it up. Just a summary of some of what I have done:

  • Installed Homebrew and ported over the brews from my current machine into this one (including ant, ant-contrib, saxon, etc)
  • Downloaded MS, Libre, oXygen, Skype, Chrome
  • Installed linkchecker, which was more difficult than I thought it would be. Installed using pip (as per the install instructions on Github), but ran into python issues. This comment (https://github.com/wummel/linkchecker/issues/649#issuecomment-303535045) resolved it.
  • Checked out the MoEML and LEMDO repos and built the sites locally.


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Mayoral Pageants

Met with JJ, CT, and MK to discuss mayoral pageant plans going forward. Documentation will have to be updated as we move along, but not a whole lot of changes to encoding. CT will work on getting all of the pageants aligned and consistently encoded.


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Epub work coming along

With TEH, got a basic XSLT set up to convert the XHTML static output to something simpler for ePub. She's now working on that conversion, and meanwhile I'm adding templates which create all the additional files needed for the ePub creation. I've also spun out the ant tasks for this into a separate file, which will eventually handle all the ePub work.


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Removing vendor prefixes from CSS

TEH's experiments with ePub have shown that one source of invalidities is the remaining scattering of vendor prefixes throughout the CSS, all of which are probably now completely unnecessary, so I've removed them all (with the exception of those in the Open Layers CSS, which is better left alone IMHO). This should clean things up a bit and help with getting decent ePubs. Checked with PS before removing them.


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Working on ePub

With TEH, worked on the ePub project. She's building a test file to see what will work and what won't from our current files. I've added automated download/update of the epubcheck jar file to our static build process, and tested that. I can't yet see a way to pass a batch of files to epubcheck, so it may be the usual one-at-a-time process, but with luck it shouldn't be that onerous because (I think) ant will allow us to avoid instantiating a new vm every time.


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Trying to get the build to complete

Now that Jenkins is able to run the MoEML build again, I've been working on the fallout from the imposition of the new Schematron rules which aim to reduce the number of redundant hi elements. I've had to exclude Stow documents from those rules, because there are too many existing instances awaiting attention from editors who will re-encode them anyway. Fixed a few dozen errors spread across the rest of the collection.


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Stow and styles

Discussed some issues of CSS with LS who is making lots of progress on the mayoral pageant CSS; we really ought to get some of the common problems/issues documented in Praxis.

Also checked over CH's work in putting xml:ids on the divs in 1633, which looks good. Now we have to do some bigger regularization steps, including adding line beginnings where we can and some other small clean up stuff.

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Work with TE and JT on TEI feature request

TE's work on teiHeader has highlighted the impoverished content model of projectDesc, so she's submitted a feature request to enrich it. Both JT and I helped work on it.

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GeoJSON presentation for TEI

Finished the first draft of this presentation. I would like to get the image upload feature working in BreezeMap before doing the presentation, but that's not essential.

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