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Belatedly getting redirects working

JT pointed out that the redirect links are not working in the current MoEML, and on investigation it appears that we never implemented them at all. I did so, hastily:

  1. Each redirect (from redirects.xml) generates a special page with a meta refresh tag that points to the new URL; that will work on static versions of the site.
  2. An XQuery intervention in doc.xql in eXist notices such HTML content and intercepts it, sending a 301 instead; that will help with search engine index updating.

Took a while to figure out how to get the first part to be valid; it turns out that the single quotes that used to be normal around the URL are now invalid, and you need to provide this formulation:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL={$targId}.htm" />


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Fixes and updates

Fixed a number of issues with the now-live site, including the removal of the old stats.htm page in favour of the new statistics.htm, and some tweaks and updates to documentation to take account of changes.


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Processed Pantzer to change encoding

Encoding of the Pantzer document was causing MoEML ids to show up as variant spellings for places, while missing the variant spellings of Pantzer itself; corrected this with some utility XSLT.


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New MoEML now live, and running on the new web cluster

This is good to see, and it's also a pilot for the moving of the existing Jetty apps to the new web cluster. So far all looks good...


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New MoEML going live

Built the eXist XAR and pushed it to the server, and then requested that the subdomain be pointed at the new site.


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Improved the build fail speed...

We really want the build to fail rapidly when there are duplicate ids, so I've made the duplicate id check terminate the XSLT and that process fail the build, so we should get the info very quickly and not have to wait for Jenkins to do the full build.

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Duplicate id issue

One of our team had not quite understood how to figure out what the next id should be, so created a stack of new documents with ids duplicating existing ones; it took a while to sort this out, but I think it might be done now (Jenkins will tell me soon). One reason might have been the alpha-sorting of items by id in the A-Z Index, so I've done two things: rewritten the initial sort, and rewritten the JavaScript version that runs when you click on headers, so that MoEML ids are treated by the insertion of leading zeroes before sorting, to get a more intuitive order (so 11 sorts after 9, for instance, instead of before).


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Fixed a bug in the JS

Troubleshooting a content issue sent in by a user, I discovered that in fixing a previous bug I'd introduced a new one; it was a straightforward fix once I'd figured it out. Links in popups are now working again.


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Troubleshooting validity issues

The build process throws up validity problems that are hard to catch before we get to HTML validation, such as the presence of spaces in URLs. I've had a shot at catching spaces within (rather than between) URIs in a new Schematron rule, and fixed a bunch of errors with AR.


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Picking up work on the RDF project (which I will document on here). I've spent some time looking through the TEI listServ and issues to see what the best solution is for creating RDF from TEI. As far as I can tell, there's no consensus from the TEI community on how to approach RDF.

Also researching RDF and GeoNames, which might be the best ontology for the project. Trying to map over correspondences and see what looks good. Lots of work still to do, though.

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