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Another postponement

Bug found in modern map functionality, and new errors introduced into Stow and PERS1 by the checking process itself. Now postponed to Friday.


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MoEML release day... NOT

Release day didn't happen due to some last-minute glitches, so it's now been rescheduled, and a comprehensive release plan has been put together in Asana to avoid the stumbles that happened today. We all learned a lot, and it'll go well when we come to do it again in a couple of weeks. Fixed a lot of minor issues and polished off a couple of tickets.


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Cleanup and fixes

Fixing a bunch of typos and slight annoyances; building out some changes to the home page per PS.


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CSS errors and validator

Like MH, spent most of the day fixing CSS syntax errors. I decided to write a process that goes at the beginning of the validation build that creates a bunch of small CSS files for validation against the VNU; each separate node becomes a CSS stylesheet, with the node's XPath is embedded within the filename. The errors are then parsed by an XSLT that also retrieves the node that contains the error and then outputs a message and breaks the build.

Plan of attack going forward, I think, will be to create a new validation process that will be the automatic transformation scenario for each TEI file. It will:

  1. Validate the file(s) against the RNG
  2. Validate the file(s) against the Schematron
  3. Check for duplicate ids
  4. Validate embedded CSS (if any)
  5. Maybe run some common diagnostics (ref/name/bibl stuff, perhaps).
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Fallout from VNU upgrade

On Friday we deployed a new version of the VNU validator, and the fallout was significant, since it now appears to be checking all CSS thoroughly. This is great, but it found hundreds of errors, and I've spent the day fixing them and attempting to implement Schematron to prevent as many of them as possible.


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Preparing for the next release

Chatted with MH about some of the issues made evident by the HTML diagnostics. He's handling the AJAX fragment stuff and I got rid of the stow_extracts in the site menu, which will get the total number of errors down by about 6k. Also revised the internal link check so that it checks for '#' references as well.


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More work on HTML diagnostics

Spent most of the day working on the HTML diagnostics, which I think are now done, at least in the XSLT 2.0 version. I've split the build into multiple targets and it runs quite smoothly. While I originally used regexes to see if a file exists locally, I've decided to just do it by sequence checking (i.e. $fileSequence[.=$thisFile]). After a certain point the regex becomes too slow whereas this is consistently quick.

Ran this on MoEML (15 minutes) and Graves (1.5 minutes) and the results are interesting. MoEML has a ton of broken links, particularly in the Ajax pages, that MH and I will need to discuss; Graves also has some broken links, but only on the gallery pages. From what I can tell, the titles are being processed by templates, but no appendix content is being created; we could decide to either just take the text, apply templates to the title in a different mode, or add an appendix to these pages.

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Agas Map: compromise solution

I think there's some kind of bug in the way that successive animations (particularly if the last of them is ol.View.fit rather than ol.View.animate) are run in the current version of OL, such that the starting point of the final animation is not the ending point of the preceding one, but the previous zoom level. So the effect of zooming out and zooming back in again is to zoom out, but then jump back in to a close zoom, then pan to fit the target extent. That's jarring. I've tried every solution I can imagine, including precompose and postcompose scenarios, setTimeout to postpone the final animation, and many other permutations, but nothing works nicely. So instead I've included a little overview map that shows you where in the main map you are. That's the best I can do for now. When OL has gone through another couple of releases, we'll see if the animations chain better.


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Agas Map: one fix, one still eluding me

Tweaked the rendering of a box-selected area so that it zooms gently into place, rather than snaps as before. Then tried three or four more approaches to the zoom-out-zoom-in functionality without success. I still have one idea...


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Prepping for the release

Lots of work prepping for the release:

  • GOSS2: Changed a random linegroup that was styled to look like an epigraph into an actual epigraph using cit and quote
  • QMPS1: Split the document into two (QMPS1_introduction and QMPS1), linked them together in the usual ways, and fixed a lot of odd encoding in QMPS1
  • LINKS1: Fixed the links so that they actually appeared on the left hand side of the XHTML, which wasn't happening before
  • BIBL1: Fixed a number of typos and added schematron to catch bad spaces in authors, editors, et cetera.

Also chatted with JJ about plans going forward as well as MAPS1, which raised a lot of questions about the document. Did some investigation and wrote a long explanation with possible problems and solutions to JJ and AR

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