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Stow and styles

Discussed some issues of CSS with LS who is making lots of progress on the mayoral pageant CSS; we really ought to get some of the common problems/issues documented in Praxis.

Also checked over CH's work in putting xml:ids on the divs in 1633, which looks good. Now we have to do some bigger regularization steps, including adding line beginnings where we can and some other small clean up stuff.

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Work with TE and JT on TEI feature request

TE's work on teiHeader has highlighted the impoverished content model of projectDesc, so she's submitted a feature request to enrich it. Both JT and I helped work on it.

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GeoJSON presentation for TEI

Finished the first draft of this presentation. I would like to get the image upload feature working in BreezeMap before doing the presentation, but that's not essential.


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Processing mol-includes

Worked on mol-includes all day and I'm now at a version that is at least coherent, correct, and complete. It still needs to be rationalized, but that's a larger project (that may be in conversation with TEH's recent work on the teiHeader). Also added a schematron rule for local pointers; the only thing holding us back before was that it made Stow a pain to validate (another reason why splitting Stow is the right idea).


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Putting Stow back together

Met with MDH today to discuss the plan for putting Stow back together. Most of the big concerns were regarding rendition elements and pointers. I've been able to implement the first bit of the plan today: getting the renditions rationalized. It's a multi-step process like so:

  1. Create an XSLT based off of each include (i.e. find all the documents with mol-include, resolve those includes, and then process each of the included documents). This uses pre-existing code for the standalone.
  2. Copy over the XSLT and its corresponding document to a temporary directory
  3. Use the pre-existing for-each target to apply the XSLT to the XML file (it takes longer than I'd like, however, but I don't think there's anyway to make it go faster)
  4. Now process the files that have the includes and bring in the stuff that's meant to be included; since all of the rendition selectors are processed, it's simple to get the style values from the rendition in the header.

I'm currently doing this after the original build, but I don't know if that's the right time to do it; the issue is that it breaks if you try to do in quick and subset (since there are now no documents that have to be resolved); this isn't great if you're trying to rebuild the reconstituted Stow in a smaller build process. I'll have to investigate that.

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Discussion with JT to plan his work on Stow

The now-fragmented Stow document needs to be reconstituted in XML form, even though we don't want or need a complete version in HTML. After JT's successful work splitting out the source files, we planned out in detail the steps necessary to reconstitute a complete XML version for the "original" set, from which the other XML versions will be generated. It ain't simple. It took two hours.


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Stow splitting prep

I'll be splitting Stow 1598 this weekend, so there's a few things to do in the meantime. Got rid of all the pointers to stow_1598 and replaced them with a more specific fragment pointer; most of these were in PERS1.


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Clearing tickets

Spending some time clearing some tickets as they pile up. Got glosses working last week and got mol:bibls halfway working today. The mol:bibls are really odd things, so I've just added them to the appendix for now; the in-line citation link goes to the actual page, which I think is fine for now.


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Lots of work with JT and TE

TE is working on the elimination of unnecessary hi elements, as a first (although pretty hard) XSLT project. Spent some time discussing approaches, and she had it working by the end of the day. Fixed the calendarDesc issue in simplePrint output (using settingDesc -- ugly but meh). Also fixed all instances of style attributes lacking a trailing semicolon, and implemented Schematron to prevent further instances. Lots of discussion of how to rework the teiHeader and split Stow.


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Work now being documented in Asana

Since most of our work is now being documented in Asana rather than here, I'm just posting hours spent over the past couple of days of version 6.4 changes, discussions of changes to the teiHeader, build process rationalization, and a variety of other things.

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