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Changes to db fields

Per AC, extended the pseudonym field to 100 characters, and renamed the Anonymous field to Allonymous. Tested in dev, done in live, tested again in both. Later bug report came in: the myriad triggers were not handling the change correctly. Deleted the triggers completely as a quick way to get back to a working db, but I will have to rewrite the ones for related poems based on the earlier backups.


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Generation of PDF of images for one year

AC needed to generate a printable document of pages for a specific year, for the encoders to use. Got a list of images from the SQL XML dump like this:

let $images := //table_data[@name='poems']/row[starts-with(field[@name='po_date'], '1820')]/field[@name='po_images']/tokenize(., '\s+')
return string-join($images, '

Then used wget to pull down the images from the server, and generated the PDF:

img2pdf -o 1820.pdf *.jpg

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