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Latin Wheelock exercises: building in validation

I've now built validation into the repo for the HTML output, and tested it with units 1 and 2, which are now all valid; I've fixed a bunch of table resources that were using old attributes, in anticipation of being able to use a global class in the CSS; and I've nuked a bunch of obsolete materials from units 1 and 2, making everything a bit cleaner.

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Close Reading: another tweak

I think we're now good to go; waiting for KB to press the button.


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Close Reading: final tweaks to layout etc.

KB sent a list of changes, which I've done; what's left is to decide where to put the site, and what to do with the WordPress instance.


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Latin Wheelock site + HotPot 7

Hot Potatoes 7 is now at a point where it's ready to be put to real use, and the Latin site has been waiting for it, since the site needs a refresh, a new style, and support for audio. I started by creating an svn repo for it (svn/latin), into which I've put the current Wheelock materials, and future editing will be done using the repo, which makes everything a bit more robust. I've already created a customized index file page and one other custom file which adds a second keypad at the top of JCloze exercises. I built Unit 1 and posted it for some feedback from MN. One thing I'm running into is the issue that the source folder setting in the Masher is an absolute path; that's obviously not what anyone wants, because we need to be able to check out and build the site on multiple machines, so I've gone back to the Masher codebase in Delphi and I'm adding support for relative paths (making them the default, in fact). Once this is all working and tested, it should make building the site much easier, and in fact enable editors to build entire units themselves with the right source files to test their work.

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Close Reading site work basically done

I've finished porting all the Close Reading material over to an Oxygen-based editing format, and posted a test version of the site on the hcmc server; waiting on KB to let me know how he wants to proceed in terms of replacing the old site. More could be done on the documentation for editors, but if it turns out not much more editing is going to be done anyway, it may not be worth the time.


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Hot Potatoes version 7 work

For some time I've been working on version 7 of Hot Potatoes, mostly at weekends because the work has to be done on a Windows XP vm which is on my home desktop. Today I was working remotely because of snow and other reasons, and I got a good amount of work done, releasing the fourth or fifth beta (can't remember which), numbered This is (I think) feature-complete, and has all existing reported bugs fixed. Changes from version 6 include:

  • Pure XHTML5 output, fully validated.
  • Responsive interface using CSS flex to better support small form-factor devices.
  • Touch support in drag-drop exercises.
  • Reading texts now available to accompany drag-drop exercises (screens are bigger so this is more practical now).
  • Cosmetic refresh for exercises, including rounded corners and drop-shadows on buttons, etc.
  • New version of the base HotPot application background graphic, with version 6 replaced by version 7.
  • Removal of obsolete code and simplification of existing code, due to better options in JS and CSS (there's more of this to do).
  • Fully updated help file, readmes, example exercises, and installer.
  • Updated interfaces for Italian and European Portuguese (that's all we have so far).

I think we're now in a position to re-work the Latin and Greek sites with their own customized versions of the new source files, but beta-testers are still getting started so there may be more bugs to fix.


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Close Reading: schema, documentation and rescued content

Set up a document type, with a schema from the ODD file, build for the ODD file (still based heavily on Keats), and rescued the existing content into XHTML files rooted on div elements as in the Keats site. Shouldn't take much more work to get to a basic build.


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Close Reading site setup

Doing a quick conversion of the Keats infrastructure to handle the Close Reading site for KB. Initial setup is half done. Should take a couple more hours to get to testing point.


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TCCD: fixed buggy files and did a site build/refresh

Many changes on the codebase, so rebuilt the schema and did a build, which threw up some errors; fixed those, rebuilt, pushed to server, pushed to repo.

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ISE sites: now ready for switching DNS

After many hundreds of thousands of search/replace and other tweaks on the code base, along with local testing using a tweaked hosts file and Apache with a self-signed cert, I've now pushed all 26GB of stuff up to hcmc/www/eol, where it will live, and asked sysadmin to organize new virtual hosts files on HCMC's clusters followed by switching the DNS. Not everything works, but most things do, and many will be easier to fix in-place live than in a test setup.

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