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Meeting re FN text encoding project

Met with AW (Ling) to discuss possible text-encoding project for First Nations texts. This will probably solidify into a project proposal for initial work leading to a SSHRC application next year.


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Keats: style for blockquotes, fix for bad audio filename

We had a file called "autum.mp3", for shame, so links to it weren't working. Now fixed. I've also added blockquote styles (grey background, rounded corners) to initiate a discussion about how to handle the larger ones.


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Keats: fixes and tech support

M is back working, and needed a little help with images; KB stopped by to get assistance with some svn and linking issues. All solved, site rebuilt and uploaded.

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ViHistory : modified annotate page

The annotate page takes in a value in the GET array of the form <table type>.<table modifier>:<record id>. The load_get method was changed to escape the ":", but in this instance I need the literal character as it's used as a delimiter within the method, so I added a str_replace to reverse that escape and allow the annotation page to work.
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ViHistory : updated site for new php

The code for vihistory used "<?" to open all the php blocks. Newer versions of php and our server infrastructure require "<?php", so I've replaced all the instances that needed to be changed. Also made changes in protocol from "http" to "https". NB for both of those, there are a small number of instances (e.g.


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BreezeMap: implementing support for multiple GeoJSON sources

No code committed yet because it will break stuff -- I should be working in a branch but I'm not. But I'm trying an append function that would add a new GeoJSON feature collection to the existing one. If this isn't practical, an alternative approach will be to combine two GeoJSONs in JS before reading them, but that's probably no simpler.


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Keats: interview and onboarding of new WS

MM has joined the team and will start tomorrow. I also fixed some CSS issues (adding handling for nested quotes), and updated the documentation.


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TCCD: bugs fixed, tickets cleared

Fixed a couple of bugs from tickets, did some CSS work to clean up the Team page, fixed a bunch of badly-linked and badly-named images there, and checked and cleared a bunch of older GitHub ticket.


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DSPP: new diagnostics check for page images

I've now added the new check to the diagnostics for incomplete sequences of images. In addition to poems which have no images at all, there are also a few poems which are listed in the diagnostics output like this:

Poem #9095 Book VI (Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine) (expected page count: 5; actual images: 4.)

This check can't really take account of the relatively small number of cases where page numbers are not pure numbers; for instance, if the page-range is specified as:




it's not practical to try to figure out how many pages should be in there.

I've normalized all instances of abbreviated pages so that e.g. 227-28 becomes 227-228. But again, I can't easily do that with non-numeric pages, so there may be examples like xx-iv where only a human could really deduce that it should be xx-xxiv.


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DVPP: fix for incomplete page range designations

AC wants all page-ranges to be shown in their entirety, so I ran some XQuery to generate fixes for the abbreviated ones:

let $commands :=
for $p in //table_data[@name='poems']/row
let $pages := $p/field[@name='po_pages']/text(),
$id := $p/field[@name='po_id']/text()
if (matches($pages, '^\d\d\d-\d\d$')) then
concat('UPDATE `poems` set `po_pages` = "', substring($pages, 1, 4), substring($pages, 1, 1), substring($pages, 5), '" WHERE `po_id` = "', $id, '";')
if (matches($pages, '^\d\d-\d$')) then
concat('UPDATE `poems` set `po_pages` = "', substring($pages, 1, 3), substring($pages, 1, 1), substring($pages, 4), '" WHERE `po_id` = "', $id, '";')
else ()
return string-join($commands, '

then ran the commands (after testing in dev) to fix the existing problems. Added a new test to the diagnostics for this.

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