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May 14

Salut les copains! Today i was quite productive! (Si j'ose le dire :) ) Below are the files that I annotated: fraq11 accq1 fraq8 fraq5 fraq6 fraq4 fraf7 fraq12 fraq13 fraq7 fraq10 eduq1 fraq9 I also went into cltf5 to do some annotations but I did not delete it from the list as I'm hoping to go back and make further additions (e.g. The speaker uses the acronym 'RU' and im guessing it means Resto-Universitaire but I will wait to put that in). I also updated the list of transcriptions because i added some new ones so everyone should have the most recent version on dropbox! A+


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may 8

Annotated fraf7 & pscf6 Did not delete either from dropbox- Dylan , think it might be a good idea for you to give these a quick listen & see if anything else should be added. The was an anglicisme "assignment" & I wasn't sure if anything should be noted...also I noted: Que en "Notez qu’ici le locuteur ne fait pas l’élision obligatoire entre que et en"- would just like you to verify that you agree with this in the video.


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May 2nd, 2014

Bernadette annotated the following files: accf3 fraf8 franb3-Please note that this file was not deleted as much more intricate linguistic notes can be made Dylan annotated the following files: cltf6 accf2 pscf4 franb1 fraf6-Please note, additional comments can be made on this file, (ex. pronunciation of 'enfin')


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annotation of transcripts

fraf4 et edubc1 done by Dylan fraf5 done by Bernadette cltq2 done by Dylan cltq3 done by Bernadette


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Update from ES on May 29, 2013

1. ES added the xml files for fraf7, cltf5, pscf6.
2. ES added transcripts for fraf7, cltf5, pscf6
3. SA uploaded all the latest changes to the website and all seems to work fine. Thumbnails have to be created for fraf7, cltf5, pscf6.


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undeploy and redeploy corrupted webapp

In the kerfluffle last week with the eXist server and contained webapps, the Francotoile webapp was somehow corrupted. After an hour or two, we got the instance going again, but then discovered that the password for the admin client no longer worked, so we wouldn't be able to update the webapp. Solution was to replace the instance of the webapp on the server with a copy of it on my local machine.

Basic procedure to replace a corrupted instance of a webapp e.g. francotoile
- log in as tapor to tomcat manager on server (peach)
- undeploy webapp
- go back in browser to safe URL (one without undeploy instruction in it)
- ftp in as hcmc to server (peach.hcmc.uvic.ca)
- cd up and down to /usr/local/tomcat-instances/devel/webapps/
- delete old folder
- upload new folder (same name as old folder)
- refresh webapp listing in tomcat manager
- app should appear, click deploy


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Update from ES - May 22, 2013

ES added transcripts for accf3, fraf8, cltf6


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Update from ES on May 15, 2013

1. ES corrected location coordinates for cltf6, aacf3, fraf8
2. ES added transcripts (non annotated) for fraq 7, fraq8, fraq9


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added thumbnails

ES added about ten new videos and XML data files, so I had to create a thumbnail image for each. I ran each file in the player.xql file, stopped the video, captured a bit of the screen to a png file, edited that to 88x66 px (size that all of them seem to be) added them to the SVN repository, uploaded them to the production site and the copy of the site on my Mac.

While doing that, I noticed extraneous thumbnail files in the images (as opposed to the images/thumbnails) folder, so deleted those from the servers and from the repository.

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change pointers from pear and lettuce to tomcat-devel and hcmc

ES noted that recent changes she'd made weren't appearing on the production site at francotoile.uvic.ca.
I had a connection in the exist admin client that used pear.hcmc.uvic.ca as the domain. I thought that would be dead, but when the connection succeeded, I assumed that domain name was forwarding to the current instance. Wrong. Obviously there is another instance somewhere on "pear" that is still running.

Created a new connection in the admin client using tomcat-devel.hcmc.uvic.ca as the domain and that worked. Also, the webapp in the new instance is francotoile and not francotoile21 as it was in the old instance.

In poking through the files, also noticed a connection string using lettuce.uvic.ca, so changed that to hcmc.uvic.ca and it seems to be working.

Updated the lastpass records.

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The prime objective of this project is to create a prototype of a searchable digital video library representing francophone culture. It is to be implemented in French 262.


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