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MDH: 371 + 1 = 372 hours G&T + 0.5 days CTO

First day back, catching up, and late duty.

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Working on second draft of article

Responding to all JSR's notes and doing a few other tweaks. I'm about half-way through.

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Meeting/discussion and followup transformation

Met with SK and ECH and discussed a number of remaining issues that might be amenable to algorithmic approaches; one was decided on (removing stress marks from phonemic segs in inferred roots), and I wrote and tested the required transformation, then ran it on the data at the end of the day.

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Lingard corrections entered; new review encoded

Minor editorial corrections for Lingard translation done; new review by NVD encoded. Due to the small size of the site, my current publication method is simply to rebuild the entire webapp and push it up to eXist.

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MDH: LS 15 - 5 = 10 days; 21 remaining vacation days from 2016

Took May 15 through May 19 as long-service days.

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MDH: 1.5 - 1 days CTO = 0.5 days CTO remaining

Took May 12 as CTO.


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Gathering more accommodation, banquet and transportation information.
Clarifying specifics from hotels and transport provider. (e.g. costs, availability)
Relayed latest info. to JJ for discussion at upcoming planning committee meeting.


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Keyman keyboards on Linux

Placeholder for info on using Keyman keyboards on Linux using KMFL framework provided by SIL. A full tutorial will be added eventually.


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acvi phase 2 : more on stories website

Further to earlier post.

Met with JP and Pat to discuss plans for the digital stories part of this project. Site will consist of about 35 narrative stories, most of which will have features such as images, audio clips, video clips, pull-out pieces of text etc. Each will also have a collection of source documents derived from the larger set of documents they have in sync.com.

They are actively developing the material for the travelling exhibit and pamphlet to go with the 12 panels. JP has promised to deliver to us fairly mature working files so we can see the kind of treatment so that we can write guidelines for markup person and for story-writers and schema for something similar for the website.

We need to have the schema and guidelines ready by September. Will hire encoder person early in fall.

The website may include a virtual version of the travelling exhibit.

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TEI site visits

JJ,JN conducted site-visits to 5 hotels yesterday.(12:30-5:45 pm)
Currently comparing each; obtaining more details re space, numbers, dinner room fees and menus, etc.
Have narrowed our choice to 3; more info TBA.

Additional inquiry:
- inquire re commercial transportation costs, availability
- JN phoned local company, got quote; forwarded info to JJ

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