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MDH: 398 + 1 = 399 hours G&T + 0.5 days CTO

Last out.

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Powell St mapping

Spent some time discussing issues arising out of the Powell St data and db with AC, as she's getting started on it. Looks like some of the work done by the GIS team can be re-purposed. Generated a list of properties from the db which are linked to titles (many aren't, I think for project history reasons).

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Expenses form

Finally got around to doing the expenses form from the conference; now it's ready to sign, but there's no-one to sign it.

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TEH now working on abstracts

Set up TEH and booked the station time; worked through some questions and the first abstract. All going well. I had to fix a couple of issues in my own project transformations, which had ended up with hard-coded local paths instead of editor variables.


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Met with AC re ENGL 500

Discussion of the Omeka/TEI issue. We decided that the best scenario would be to generate HTML from the TEI files, and upload the HTML pages into Omeka, assuming that's possible. We'll need to investigate that.

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Met with JJ re intro workshop

Planned out the intro-to-TEI workshop we'll be offering at the conference. The workshops all need to be in place before we can put up the registration form.

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Oxygen project for abstract encoding

Created a new Oxygen project for TEH, the incoming abstract encoder:

  • Created the project folder structure in tei2017/abstracts.
  • Created a project file, abstracts.xpr.
  • Adapted the JTEI ODD file so that it works for our project and contains explicit instructions on the workflow, svn, etc. Some additional schematron and tweaks to attribute values done.
  • Customized the JTEI document type to create a new type which looks to our schemas for validation.
  • Imported the transformation scenarios from JTEI (ODT and PDF).
  • Created a template for new documents.
  • Made my own submission into the first example, since it's already encoded.
  • Added all the original and revised submissions in the abstracts/originals folder.
  • Added transformation scenarios for the ODD file which put the RNG in the right place, and build the documentation, placing it in abstracts/documentation.

I think we're ready for the project to start, but I expect to be tweaking this as TEH gets started and finds under-documented or broken bits.

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Protocol doc for Maple Ridge geomapping

AC has produced an excellent protocol doc for the mapping, which I've read through and commented. I'm beginning to understand the process a bit better, but there are still gaps in my knowledge...


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TCCD: meeting and some fixes

Made some tweaks to the schema yesterday and Monday, and rebuilt the site. Hangouts meeting with GL and DH, reviewing progress, planning and making a few decisions on outstanding markup questions.

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Meeting re future plans and the current vol

Met with HT to plan the next three volumes, and to go through some of the proofing corrections for vol 24. I have four texts ready to be worked on. Spent some time fixing up the layout of the Woolf text, to avoid unwanted wrapping of poetic half-line in PDF.

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