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Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 60

Stylesheets group meeting planning

Met with SB online to figure out the plan for the next TEI Stylesheets online meeting next week.

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Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 90

Team meeting, changes to draft display

Following a good team meeting with lots of discussion, I've made a formal link to the viewable-draft document so that it's easier for everyone to access drafts, and also fixed a bug in the class attribute generation that was preventing the display of the draft watermark.

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Categories: Activity log, Announcements; Mins. worked: 10

Map of London new build goes beta

The new static build version of the Map of Early Modern London project has now transitioned from alpha to beta, meaning that we believe all key features have been implemented and we're in bug-fixing mode.

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Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 120

Working on Walsingham text, and fixes to the search in the new webapp

Got some sample transcription from KB, and did a test encoding, tweaking the XSLT and the schema too to get more worthwhile results.

Also fixed the problem with the generic search box on regular pages; it was missing some named hidden fields, so wasn't providing enough info to the search.xql file. I do need to make this a bit more robust, though; missing fields shouldn't break the results paging navigation as it does.

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Sorted/donated to UVic Library miscellaneous HCMC language learning books. Retained/filed hard copy list of books in admin. records.


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Categories: Servers, R & D, Activity log, Documentation; Mins. worked: 90

Building a template for eXist deployment

Created a script in svn/hcmc/exist which cleans the git tree completely, builds exist, signs the jars, creates a fairly minimal dist, and builds a test instance with one of our own xars, then starts it for testing. All that remains to be done is figure out how to change the jetty.xml file and any oother conf files to add the required placeholders.

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Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 90

Static output progress

Menus and headings now being included in output files, and site info files are now being generated. Also fixed some outdated info on the site, which is good. Need to post-process the menu to "press" appropriate button for certain pages.

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Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 60

UVic Retirees Assoc. ( UVRA) new Cascade Edge site

Benefits 3rd tab needed editing as all links were pointing to current website and not Cascade pre-prod site.
Edited 3rd tab contents; links now point to specific content further down on same page; republished page.
Sent PGL site update email and request for photos.

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TCCD: personography, rendering, git repo size

Put together a plan to try to prune the git repo using bfg, including a doodle poll to schedule it so that I have two full days to get it done carefully. Also more work on the 20th parliament, schema rebuilds to incorporate new xml:ids, and some reworking of the output code to enable multilingual headings in XML files.


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Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 120

Working on TEI 2017 with JJ

Copyedited the CfP and put it on the site. Also added a bunch of new code to the build process for the site to build HTML versions of pages and validate them; this requires PHP to build the pages then vnu.

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