House of Commons, 22 June 1869, Canadian Confederation with Manitoba

932 COMMONS DEBATES June 22, 1869
[...] ment; and also to authorize, if necessary, the amalgamation of the said bank with any other bank or banks, and for other purposes.
Act to amend the Charter and increase the Capital Stock of the North Shore Transportation Company.
Act to continue for a limited time the Charters of certain Banks.
Act respecting Nova Scotia.
Act to amend the Act of the late Province of Canada, 12 Vic., cap. 114.
Act to consolidate the laws relative to the Powers and Duties of the Trinity House of Quebec, and for other purposes.
Act respecting Juvenile offenders within the Province of Quebec.
Act to amend the Act 31 Vic., chapter 33, and to make another provision with respect to the salaries and travelling allowances of the Judges.
Act for granting to Her Majesty certain Sums of Money required to defray certain Expenses of the Public Service for the financial years ending respectively the 30th of June, 1869, and the 30th of June, 1870, and for other purposes relating to the Public Services.
After which His Excellency the Governor- General was pleased to reserve the following Bills for the signification of Her Majesty's pleasure thereon:-
An Act respecting the Salary of the Governor-General.
An Act for the Relief of John Horace Stevenson.


Honourable Gentlemen of the Senate:- men of the House of Commons:-
The time has come when I am able to release you from your labours, and I have the greatest pleasure in doing so, inasmuch as the session of which the opening was delayed for the reasons you are cognizant of, has necessarily been protracted to a period somewhat later than suits the general convenience. Satisfaction may, I think, be expressed at the result of your deliberations. In addition to the long list of measures and amendments on subjects of internal policy which has passed under your notice, your records show that memorable steps have been taken towards the accomplishment of the great scheme of uniting the whole of British North America in a single Confederation. You have sanctioned the arrangement entered into in London by the Imperial Govern933ment in reference to the North-West Territory. That wide expanse will, I hope, ere long be opened to settlement, and become the abode of myriads of thriving and industrious immigrants. The terms of the delegates from Newfoundland, and which it may be expected will prove acceptable to the people of that island, have met with your concurrence. The basis has been laid for negotiations with the Government of Prince Edward Island. Moreover, what is not of less importance, seeing that the good will of the people already within the Dominion is a matter perhaps of greater, at least, of equal concern with the acquisition of new territories, you have adopted the precautions of timely and well-considered liberality in order to satisfy reasonable demands, and conciliate attachment in Nova Scotia. The Acts rendering the Criminal Law uniform will insure an exact and equal procedure, and cannot fail to be conducive in the highest degree to the public advantage.
Gentlemen of the House of Commons:
In Her Majesty's name I thank you for the supplies you have granted for the public service. Though the revenue accruing from import duties has not reached the expected standard, I rejoice to think that a vigilant supervision of the public expenditure has obviated the necessity of imposing any fresh burdens on the people.
Honourable Gentlemen and Gentlemen:
I will not detain you further than to express the hope that in returning to your homes you will find the country blessed with every prospect of an abundant season, and that you will continue your services to the State by encouraging industrial pursuits, diffusing contentment, and upholding the authority of the law in your respective neighbourhoods.
Hon. Mr. Cauchon then announced that His Excellency was pleased to prorogue Parliament to the 3lst of July, and Parliament stood prorogued accordingly.


Canada. House of Commons Debates, 1869. Edited by P.B. Waite. Ottawa: Queen's Printer, 1975. Original scans accessible at: http://parl.canadiana.ca/.



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