Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, 22 April 1873, Prince Edward Island Confederation with Canada.




Meeting of the Legislature.

TUESDAY April 22nd. 1873.

His Honor, W. C. F. Robinson was pleased to open the first Seesion of the twenty- sixth General Assembly of this Island, With the lollowing
Mr. President and Honorable Gentlemen of the Legislative Council:
Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly :
Papers relative to the proposed Union of Prince Edward Island with the Dominion of Canada will be forthwith laid before you. Having dissolved the late House of Assembly in order that this important question might be submitted to the people at the Polls, I now invite you to bestow upon it your careful and anxious consideration. expressing to you the earnest hope of' the Imperial Government that Prince Edward Island will not loose this opportunity ofUnion with her Sisters Provinces.
In commending the public interests to your care, at a time when questions of the gravest importance await the consideration of the Legislature, I I fervently pray that, grateful for the numerous blessings which have been bestowed upon us during the past year, your deliberations on this occasion may conduce to the Honor of the Crown, the happiness of the people, and the social and material advancement of all classes in the community.
Hon. members of the House of Assembly having returned to their seats, His Honor's speech was again read from the Chair, after which the House proceeded to business.
Moved by Mr. A. C. McDonald, seconded by Mr. Arsenault, that Mr. Archibald McNeill be appointed Clerk of the House.
The question having been put on the amendment, the house divided as follows:
YEAS - Messrs. Laird, Callbeck, McNeill, Sinclair, Beer, Jas. Yeo, L. H. Davies, Rowe, Stewart, Hon. B. Davies - 10.
NAYS - Hons. Pope, Howlan, McEachen, F. Kelly, Lefurgy : Messrs. John Yeo, Owen, A. J. McDonald, A. C. McDonald, J. A. McDonald, Arsenault, F. Kelly, McIsasc, McLean, Holland, Howatt - 16.
So it passed in the negative.
The main motion was then put and carried.
Mr. A. McNeill then took the usual oaths and his seat.
On motion Mr. A. J. McDonald, seconded by Mr. McIsaac, Mr. F. W, Hughes was appointed Assistant Clerk to the House ; and he took the oaths and his seat.
Hon. Mr. Howlan moved, seconded by Mr. McLean, that Nicholas Conroy, Esq., be Sergeant at Arms of this House.
Moved in amendment by Mr. Laird, seconded by Mr. Jas. Yeo. that Wellington Nelson, Esq., be Sergeant at arms.
The question being put on the amendment the House divided as follows ;
YEAS—Messrs. Laird, Jas. Yeo, Callbeck, Sinclair, L. H. Davies, Stewart, Rowe, Beer, McNeill, Hon. B. Davies — 10.
NAYS - Hons. Pope, Howlan, McEachen, F. Kelly, Lefurgy; Messrs. Jao. Yeo, A. J. McDonald, A. C. McDonald, J. A. McDonald, Arsenault. Mclsaac, Holland, Howatt, McLean, Owen, F. Kelly — 16.
So it passed in the negative. The main motion was then put and carried.


The Parliamentary Reporter of Debates and Proceedings of the House of Assembly. Charlottetown: Henry Cooper, 1873. Microfilm copies provided by the Prince Edward Island Libraries and Archives.



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