TEI 2017 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada November 11 - 15

TEI 2017 Conference Schedule

1. Saturday November 11 (Workshops day 1): UVic Clearihue Computing Labs

Date Time Clearihue A108 Clearihue A102
Sat Nov 11 09:00–16:30 Full Day Workshop: Introduction to TEI Projects (Janelle Jenstad, Joseph Takeda) Full Day Workshop: Part 1 of 2. eXist-db and TEI Processing Model: Better together (Magdalena Turska, Wolfgang Meier)
(Each part can be taken separately; see the abstract.)

2. Sunday November 12 (Workshops day 2): UVic Clearihue Computing Labs

Date Time Clearihue A108 Clearihue A102 Clearihue A103
Sun Nov 12 09:00–12:30 Half Day Workshop: Using oXygen Projects to Teach TEI (Martin Holmes)    
Sun Nov 12 09:00–16:30   Full Day Workshop: Part 2 of 2. eXist-db and TEI Processing Model: Better together (Magdalena Turska, Wolfgang Meier)
(Each part can be taken separately; see the abstract.)
Full Day Workshop: Linkable Data, Linked Data, Text Encoding and the Need for Well-Defined Conceptual Models in the Digital Humanities (Christian-Emil Ore)

3. Monday November 13 (Conference day 1): UVic University Club

Date Time Main Dining Room Snowberry / Honeysuckle Wild Rose
Mon Nov 13 08:00–09:00 Registration and Breakfast    
Mon Nov 13 09:00–09:15 Opening    
Mon Nov 13 09:15–10:15 Keynote #1: Diane Jakacki:
What’s in a Name? How Semantic Markup Transforms the Classroom
Mon Nov 13 10:15–10:45 Refreshments    
Mon Nov 13 10:45–12:15   Session 1A: Teaching Beginners Chair: Kathryn Tomasek Toward a Basic Introduction of TEI: Making mayoral shows in university and college classrooms (Mark Kaethler)
Some Field Strategies for Introducing Markup to Trepid Documentary Editors (Ondine Le Blanc)
TEI Online Academic Training in a Spanish Speaking Context (Susanna Allés Torrent, Elena González-Blanco, Gimena del Rio Riande)
Session 1B: Tools Chair: Syd Bauman Textual Communities (Peter Robinson)
TEI Processing Model for Non-TEI Documents (Magdalena Turska, Wolfgang Meier)
conceptEntry: A TBX-based expansion of the TEI for the encoding of onomasiological and comparative lexical data (Jack Bowers, Stefan Pernes, Laurent Romary)
Mon Nov 13 12:15–13:30 Lunch    
Mon Nov 13 13:30–15:00   Session 2A: Teaching Advanced Students Chair: Magdalena Turska Teaching TEI as Repurposing; or, Cooking with Emily Dickinson, Mary Mitford, and Frankenstein (Elisa Beshero-Bondar)
Tooling Up: Teaching TEI as an advanced Humanities research method (Alison Chapman)
Collaborative Encoding of Text Genesis: A didactical approach for teaching genetic encoding with the TEI (Stefano Apostolo, Ingo Boerner, Angelika Hechtl)
Session 2B: Linguistics Chair: Elli Mylonas Encoding Disappearing Characters: The case of 20 C Japanese-Canadian names (Stewart Arneil)
Using TEI for Language Documentation Projects: The Nxaʔamxčín database and dictionary (Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins, Sarah M. Kell)
LingSIG Hits the Lucky 7: A view at the past and a vision of the future (Piotr Banski, Andreas Witt)
Mon Nov 13 15:00–15:20 Refreshments    
Mon Nov 13 15:20–16:50   Session 3A: Teaching with Tools Chair: Pip Wilcox Automatic Grading of XML-TEI Markup Training Assignments (Alejandro Bia)
From Student Learning to Machine Learning: Using TEI markup to crowdsource close-readings (Michael Ullyot)
Session 3B: Graphics Chair: Hugh Cayless Taking Note: how to represent graphics in TEI? (Martina Scholger)
Visual Text: Encoding challenges in Picasso’s poetry (Luis Meneses, Enrique Mallen)
Keep ’em Separated: Integrating TEI and IIIF without loss (Raffaele Viglianti)
Mon Nov 13 19:00–21:00 CONFERENCE BANQUET, Urban Ballroom, Parkside Hotel and Spa.

4. Tuesday November 14 (Conference day 2): UVic University Club

Date Time Main Dining Room Snowberry / Honeysuckle Wild Rose
Tues Nov 14 08:00–09:00 Registration    
Tues Nov 14 09:00–10:30   Session 4A: Teaching TEI in Context Chair: Claire Carlin Inside Digital Dinah Craik: Feminist pedagogy, ethical collaboration, and the TEI (Karen Bourrier, Kailey Fukushima)
Using Personographies to Teach Humanities Data Skills (Sarah Catherine Stanley)
Teaching TEI for Computer Science Students (Yael Netzer)
Session 4B: Customization Chair: Julia Flanders What is TEI Conformance, and Why Should You Care? (Lou Burnard)
Creation and Display of Multi-Schema-Customizations (Peter Stadler)
tei_customization: A TEI customization for writing TEI customizations (Syd Bauman)
Tues Nov 14 10:30–11:00 Refreshments    
Tues Nov 14 11:00–12:30   Session 5A: Projects Chair: Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins Mistakes Were Made: A TEI project after sixteen years (Claire Carlin)
Life (!) on Stage: Building an interface for the network analysis of TEI-encoded drama corpora (Frank Fischer, Mathias Göbel, Carsten Milling, Tatiana Orlova, German Palchikov, Irina Pavlova, Ivan Pozdniakov, Daniil Skorinkin, Peer Trilcke)
Wiennerisches Diarium Digital: Involving users in scholarly annotation (Dario Kampkaspar, Daniel Schopper, Claudia Resch)
Session 5B: Analysis, Interpretation, Enrichment Chair: James Cummings Encoding Cryptic Crossword Clues with TEI (Martin Holmes)
Sex in the TEI: The TEI 2016 gender check (Vanessa Hannesschläger, Peter Andorfer)
Historical Accounts in TEI: Digital editions and ontologies (Kathryn Tomasek)
Tues Nov 14 12:30–13:45 Lunch    
Tues Nov 14 13:45–14:00 Poster Setup Time Linguistics SIG (13:45–14:45)  
Tues Nov 14 14:00–14:10 Poster Slam (Chair: Syd Bauman)  
Tues Nov 14 14:10–15:30 Posters and Tool Demonstration How to Stop Global Warming by Means of TEI, or: Saving the rainforest by building a digital book of abstracts (Peter Andorfer, Vanessa Hannesschläger)
TEI/XML Methodological Examination on Unit Conversion not Based on the Metric System (Naoki Kokaze, Kiyonori Nagasaki, Makoto Goto, Yuta Hashimoto, Masahiro Shimoda, A. Charles Muller)
Your own Shelley-Godwin Archive: An off-line strategy for an on-line publication (Raffaele Viglianti)
Leveraging Library Special Collections to Teach TEI (Stephanie Savage)
The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names (Magdalena Turska)
Dictionary Encoding Based on CSS and XML/HTML Parsers (Kadyr Momunaliev, Joseph Ten, Nella Israilova)
TEI Publisher: Out of the box or made to measure? (Wolfgang Meier, Magdalena Turska)
Tues Nov 14 15:30–16:00 Refreshments    
Tues Nov 14 16:00–17:00 Newspapers/Periodicals SIG Ontologies SIG Manuscripts SIG

5. Wednesday November 15 (Conference day 3): UVic University Club

Date Time Main Dining Room Snowberry / Honeysuckle Wild Rose
Wed Nov 15 09:00–10:00 Pedagogy: The Way Forward Chair: Janelle Jenstad TAPAS Classroom: Experiments with TEI in Humanities pedagogy (Julia Flanders, Syd Bauman, Ashley Clark, Ben Doyle, William Reed Quinn)
Panel on the Revival of the Education SIG (Janelle Jenstad, Julia Flanders, Elisa Beshero-Bondar, Kathryn Tomasek, Gimena del Rio Riande, Michael Ullyot)
Wed Nov 15 10:00–10:30 Refreshments    
Wed Nov 15 10:30–11:30 Keynote #2: Gimena Del Rio Riande:
Humanidades Digitales: Life on the Other Side
Wed Nov 15 11:30–13:15   Business meeting, reports, open discussion:
See the agenda and other details on the TEI website.
Wed Nov 15 13:15–14:45 Lunch & Closing    
Wed Nov 15 14:45 Leave for the Library building for the Tour of UVic’s Special Collections    
Wed Nov 15 15:00–18:00     TEI Board Meeting

6. Wednesday November 15 (Conference day 3): UVic Library

Date Time Special Collections Digital Scholarship Commons (McPherson Library A308)
Wed Nov 15 15:00–16:00 Tour of Special Collections  
Wed Nov 15 16:00–16:30   Walter Scholger speaking on “Teaching Digital Humanities across Europe” (A308)

7. Thursday November 16 (Post-conference): Royal BC Museum

Date Time Royal BC Museum
Thu Nov 16 10:00–11:30 Tour of Tour of Royal BC Museum and Provincial Archives