TEI 2017 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada November 11 - 15

XML Tues Nov 14, 14:10–15:30

TEI Publisher: Out of the box or made to measure? (demonstration)

Wolfgang Meier* Wolfgang Meier is the founder and lead developer of the eXist-db open source project and director of eXist Solutions GmbH, which was created by community members to better support professional users of eXist-db. Besides working on eXist-db for 16 years, he has developed a number of related tools, including the TEI Publisher, an implementation of the TEI Processing Model. He has contributed to a large number of international academic and commercial projects during the past years. and Magdalena Turska* Magdalena Turska is a software developer at eXist Solutions and an elected member of the TEI Consortium’s Technical Council. She has recently completed her DiXiT Marie Curie experienced researcher fellowship at IT Services, University of Oxford where she was a member of the TEI Simple project and one of the authors of TEI Processing Model. She was a co-editor of the Corpus Ioannes Dantiscus’ Texts and Correspondence. She teaches advanced TEI encoding, XSLT and XQuery and often helps projects with data modeling and application design.

1Crossing the divide between encoded XML sources and published digital edition has always been a weak spot for TEI community. TEI Publisher, an eXist-db based application bridges that gap with its implementation of the TEI Processing Model plugged into eXist-db’s application framework engine. This way the TEI Publisher allows the editors to create standalone digital editions out of the box still leaving them in full control over their data and transformation process while application generator takes care of all core features like browsing, search and transformations into various formats.
2Bespoke packages for a range of output formats, such as HTML, PDF, LaTeX, or ePUB, pose significant challenges when it comes to their creation, maintenance and assuring consistency across formats. TEI PM addresses these difficulties allowing for single-source publishing also when it comes to authoring transformation rules in TEI ODD. This approach easily saves thousands of lines of code for media specific transformations. Modular architecture of the TEI Publisher offers similar gains when customizing the other aspects of the website, from navigation through searching to side-by-side facsimile display or user annotations. Generic code can be embedded in bespoke layout and easily extended or tweaked for particular purposes of the project.
3This demonstration will present the modular design structure of the TEI Publisher and showcase customization options for maintaining compatibility with future versions of the Publisher.