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The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names (poster)

Magdalena Turska* Magdalena Turska is a software developer at eXist Solutions and an elected member of the TEI Consortium’s Technical Council. She has recently completed her DiXiT Marie Curie experienced researcher fellowship at IT Services, University of Oxford where she was a member of the TEI Simple project and one of the authors of TEI Processing Model. She was a co-editor of the Corpus Ioannes Dantiscus’ Texts and Correspondence. She teaches advanced TEI encoding, XSLT and XQuery and often helps projects with data modeling and application design.

1The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names (LGPN) was established to collect and publish with documentation all known ancient Greek personal names, drawn from all available sources (literature, inscriptions, graffiti, papyri, coins, vases and other artefacts) currently approaching 400 thousands records.
2LGPN is undergoing a major upgrade which will see the migration of the data contained in the seven published volumes from the current relational database to a TEI form stored in eXist-db, a native XML database. As part of the upgrade, the uses of the online search facility will be enhanced so as to provide enriched information about the individual person and their family relations, the place where they are attested and the nature of the documentation, as well as linguistic analysis of the names themselves and their frequency over time and space, intended to make clear the morphology, etymology and semantics of these names.
3The lexicon, together with its linguistic extension blends together rich prosopographical and lexicographical resources on a vast scale, posing interesting challenges for the data representation that aims to follow both TEI Guidelines and good database design practice.