TEI 2017 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada November 11 - 15

XML Sat Nov 11, 09:00–16:30

Introduction to TEI Projects (workshop)

Janelle Jenstad* Janelle Jenstad is Director of The Map of Early Modern London and Coordinating Platform Editor of the Internet Shakespeare Editions. and Joseph Takeda* Joseph Takeda is Junior Programmer for The Map of Early Modern London, Associate Programmer for ISE3, and a Masters student in English at the University of British Columbia.

1This workshop is designed to provide a quick introduction to TEI and help you start your first TEI project. Since many users learn TEI in order to undertake or upgrade a specific textual editing project, this workshop starts with a needs analysis. What features of your text do you want to mark up for further analysis, editing, processing, text mining, and/or display? The workshop goes on to address the principles and practices of sound textual markup, history of the TEI, schema customization, effective use of the TEI Guidelines, and next steps in turning your XML files into web pages. You will walk away with the beginnings of a schema and the basic vocabulary to ask for the resources and tools your project requires. UVic students, staff, librarians, and faculty are particularly welcome. Students who have taken the TEI workshop in English 500 will find that this workshop builds on their experience therein. This workshop is excellent preparation for the Sunday workshop on “Using oXygen Projects to Teach TEI.” as well as for the rest of the TEI conference.
2Advance Preparation: If you have had no prior experience of TEI or textual markup, we will provide you with a small package of materials to read before the workshop. Bring your own text to encode (BYOT) or try your hand at encoding a text we will supply from the UVic Special Collections and University Archives.
3Follow-up: We hope that you will register for the TEI2017 conference (Nov. 13–15). Doing so will allow you to register for additional workshops on Sunday, Nov. 12.