TEI 2017 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada November 11 - 15

XML Sun Nov 12, 09:00–12:30

Using oXygen Projects to Teach TEI (workshop)

Martin Holmes* Martin Holmes is a programmer at the University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre. He served on the TEI Technical Council 2010–2015 and was Managing Editor of the Journal of the TEI 2013–2015.

1Many plugins are available for the oXygen XML Editor allowing customization of its interface and functionality to support specific encoding needs and projects. However, writing a plugin for oXygen is not a trivial task, and most instructors who teach basic XML encoding do not have the time or skills to create plugins for themselves. A much simpler, but still very powerful, approach is available, based on using oXygen’s project functionality.
2Over many years of teaching XML encoding modules in humanities courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, we have evolved a simple recipe for encapsulating instruction, schemas, templates, validation, documentation, transformation and diagnostics in a single downloadable package based on an oXygen project file. This half-day workshop for teachers of XML encoding will show how to create, configure and distribute an oXygen project package in such a way that students are able to focus primarily on encoding tasks, and are not beguiled or confused by the complexities of the oXygen interface. Two example packages following a similar model will be demonstrated.
3We will then assist participants in creating their own oXygen project packages, sharing ideas for new components and features across the group. By the end of the workshop, we hope that every participant will have a working, portable project suitable for their own students and teaching goals.