Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, 05 June 1873, Prince Edward Island Confederation with Canada.


THURSDAY, June 5th.

Consideration of County Courts resumed.
MR. LAIRD moved that the Bill remain over, for further consideration, until next year.
HON. MR. POPE said that by the terms of the North America Act, these Courts will have to be established before we go into Confederation, or the Dominion will not be bound to pay the Judges.
Mr. L. H. DAVIES regarded it as foolish to establish Courts before Court Houses were built for them to hold their sittings in, and thought it would be wise to allow the matter to lie over until next session. He did not agree with the hon. Leader of the Government that it was necessary to establish these Courts before we went into the Dominion. He would second the resolution of the hon. member the Leader of the Opposition.
After a few further remarks from hon. members, Mr. Laird's resolution was put and lost.


The Parliamentary Reporter of Debates and Proceedings of the House of Assembly. Charlottetown: Henry Cooper, 1873. Microfilm copies provided by the Prince Edward Island Libraries and Archives.



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