Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, 25 April 1873, Prince Edward Island Confederation with Canada.


SATURDAY, April 26.

Mr. D. LAIRD said that he did not see why matters which would pertain to the General Dominion service, such as Buoys and Beacons, should be voted sums of money at all, when the Colony was about to become a portion of Canada. Certain salaries would have to be provided for, it was true, as it would not do to leave our public officers unpaid ; but he thought the item of Buoys and Beacons might be omitted from the resolution.
Hon. LEADER OF THE GOVERNMENT said that as those salaries were provided for by statute, it made little difference whether they were put in the Resolution or not. He had submitted the usual road allowance in order that hon. members might have a
little time to make out their road scales. Buoys and Beacons, above all other matters, should be attended to, as the channels should be properly marked, without delay, in the interests of our shipping. If these matters are to be taken up by the Dominion Government, and the union of this Island to Canada takes place, that government will pay what is now laid out upon them. If one thing more than another required attending to, it was to have our channels properly marked out, so as to prevent vessels going aground and causing loss of life and property.
Mr. D. LAIRD said that he understood from his honor the Leader of the Government that he would not interfere with matters that would be taken charge of by the Dominion Government; but here was a vote of money for Steamboat Inspection, which would form part of the Dominion service.
Hon. LEADER OF THE GOVERNMENT said that the Steamboat Inspector came over from New Brunswick every spring, and might come over in the first boat, to test the boilers of the different steamers ; if so, he would have to be paid for his services. This expenditure would only be made if required.
Resolution carried.


The Parliamentary Reporter of Debates and Proceedings of the House of Assembly. Charlottetown: Henry Cooper, 1873. Microfilm copies provided by the Prince Edward Island Libraries and Archives.



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