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HCMC Journal


2024-03-28Martin HolmesMedieval Anglo-Jewish Women edition 0.8 released65
2024-03-26Martin HolmesMyNDIR edition 2.6 released40
2024-03-18Martin HolmesNew edition of the Digital Victorian Periodical Poetry anthology90
2024-01-22Janelle JenstadHCMC-Supported Edition of Mucedorus in Campus News0
2024-01-11Janelle JenstadSSHRC President Visits HCMC0
2024-01-10Martin HolmesEdition 1.3 of Then & Now released20
2024-01-04Janelle JenstadDVPP Former RA Publishes Article on The Keepsake0
2024-01-02Janelle JenstadHCMC Welcomes Acting Academic Director0
2024-01-02Janelle JenstadHCMC Welcomes New Developer0
2023-12-22Janelle JenstadHCMC Bids Farewell to Founding Developer0
2023-12-19Martin HolmesThen & Now edition 1.1 released10
2023-10-30Martin HolmesFirst edition of Then & Now released5
2023-10-04Martin HolmesstaticSearch version 1.4.5 released15
2023-08-16Martin HolmesMyNDIR edition 2.4 released30
2023-07-12Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.26 published30
2023-06-25Greg Newton, Martin HolmesUsing UVic VPN in Gnome (Updated)
2023-05-30Martin HolmesProject Endings special issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly published10
2023-05-29Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.25 published40
2023-04-04Martin HolmesDigital Victorian Periodical Poetry new edition released220
2023-02-15Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.23 published75
2022-12-22Martin HolmesLEMDO’s first anthology has been released15
2022-12-16Martin HolmesstaticSearch version 1.4.3 released
2022-12-16Martin HolmesColonial Despatches edition 2.4 published5
2022-11-09Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.21 published25
2022-11-08Martin HolmesColonial Despatches edition 2.3 published20
2022-10-14Martin HolmesNew beta release of the Digital Victorian Periodical Poetry project15
2022-08-25Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.20 published25
2022-07-14Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.19 published25
2022-06-21Martin HolmesMynDIR edition 2.2 released30
2022-05-05Martin HolmesMap of Early Modern London edition 7.0 released
2022-04-28Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.17 published45
2022-03-15Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.16 published30
2021-12-17Martin HolmesstaticSearch version 1.4 released
2021-12-17Martin HolmesMapping Keats’s Progress edition 3.14 published
2021-12-17Martin HolmesMyNDIR edition 2.1 released
2021-08-20Greg NewtonVertexer 2.0 release
2020-12-02Martin HolmesColonial Despatches edition 2.2 published
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