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1892 Victoria Census Search

The 1892 Victoria census is different from the other census years; it was a Victoria municipal census, not part of the national census. The 1871 census data is not linked to the other census year data, and can only be searched on its own.

[For the normal census records, see the Census Search help.]

The search provides the same tools as the other census year searches. You can use syntax tools called "wildcards" and "query operators" to carry out more complicated and/or nuanced searches. For more information about these tools, please read the notes under Search Syntax on the Search Tips page.

The Census Search uses many of the features available on all of the searches on the viHistory site. Help is available on using these common search features.

How to Use the Search

This feature allows you to search for individuals by name, occupation and street. Simply enter the subject’s family name (last name), first name, location or other terms and click the "Search" button. The Search Results page will display the subject’s names (family name and given name), occupation, and location. The checkboxes in the Options allow you to select records based on household composition. Check one or more of the household occupant types to see only records for those types; to see records for all types, leave all of the checkboxes unchecked.

The Search Results List

Any results from your search are displayed in the form of a table. Basic information (Name, Occupation, Location) is displayed initially. To view more information on the subject, click on the complete record symbol beside the subject’s name. This will display a drop-down window containing all available information. Information was recorded from both a residential census and a city directory; the directory information is listed in the comments section of the record details.

The data in the table columns can be sorted by clicking one of the arrows in the Sort ascending symbol found in each column title. The column that the data is currently sorted on will have one of the arrows in red.

To see all available information on a person on a single page, click the person's name in the list. To get a list of everyone recorded at a location, click the location in the list. To see a list of all members of a family, click on the family number.

If you have additional information about a person, click on the annotate symbol at the right of each line. A page will appear where you can submit your information; the information will appear on this site. If the line also has a annotate symbol, that record already has annotations; click the symbol to view them.