Changes Made to Street Names in Early 20th Century

Inventory of Victoria street name changes, 1900 - 1914

The names of certain streets (or portions of streets) in the City of Victoria were changed in the early 1900s. This database shows current street names and previous or archaic names.

If you are searching by street name, you need to be aware of these changes to ensure that you're finding all and only the results you want.

Most of the information presented here was compiled by Dr. Nick Russell, a Victoria architectural historian. The text was edited and augmented in 2011 by Karla Partel, a student research assistant from the University of Victoria. We are grateful for their contributions to viHistory. We are also grateful to Stewart Arneil, Humanities Computing and Media Centre manager, who created a dynamic list for sorting and viewing the names of Victoria City streets.

Many of the street name changes shown here were authorized by Victoria City Council in April 1905 and January 1913. On other occasions, minor changes were made to the spelling of street names. For example, the thoroughfare known as Blanshard Street was called Blanchard Street before 1915. The best way of tracking these changes is to consult Victoria street directories over the years.

The list is presented below twice, the first time sorted by the current name of the street, the second time by the previous (original) name of the street.

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Current NamePrevious NameLocationNeighbourhoodRemarks
AlstonAshtonEsquimalt to Arthur Currie, 600 to 1100 blocksVictoria West
AdanacSecondRichmond, 1700 block towards ShelbourneNorth Jubilee
AlstonAshtonEsquimalt to Arthur Currie, 600 to 1100 blocksVictoria West
AshgroveOakFort to Begbie, 1900 blockNorth Jubilee
BalfourEmmaBurnside to Gorge, 3000 and 3100 blocksBurnside
BalmoralAlfredCook to Stanley, 1200-1700 blocksFernwood
Balmoral (part)FrederickCook to Quadra, 900 and 1000 blocksNorth Park
BankClaraFort to CowanFernwood/North Jubilee
BayWorkBridge to Rock BayBurnside
Bay (part)EdmontonChambers to Richmond, 1200 block to 1700 blockFernwood/North Jubilee
BeckleyCoburgOswego to Rendall, 300 blockJames Bay
BegbieNorth PandoraBelmont to Pembroke, 1500 and 1600 blocksFernwood
Begbie (part)North PandoraBelmont to Fernwood, 1200 and 1300 blocksFernwood
BelcherBelcherOak Bay to Fort, 1500 blockSouth Jubilee
Belmont (part)HaughtonPembroke to Denman, 2200 block of BelmontFernwood
Belmont (part)St. GeorgeSouth of Fort, 1000 blockRockland
BirchMapleFort to Pembroke, 1900 blockNorth Jubilee
Blackwood (part)NinthSouth of Kings, 2500 blockHillside Quadra
Blanshard (part)FirstNorth of Bay, 2500 to 2700 blocks , to HillsideBurnsideNorth of Hillside it was called Rose
Current NamePrevious NameLocationNeighbourhoodRemarks
BlanshardRoseBay to Topaz, 2300 to 2800 blocksBurnside/Hillside QuadraAlso once known as First
BlanshardMcBrideBay to Queens, 2300 and 2400 blocksNorth Park/Burnside
Blanshard (part)RailroadBay to Queens, 2300 block areaNorth ParkLater called McBride, now gone
Blanshard (part)CridgeBeacon Hill Park to Burdett, 600 and 700 blocksDowntown
BoydMedanaDallas to Niagra, 10 blockJames BayPreviously known as Medana Grove
Brighton (part)CowanRichmond to Foul Bay Road, 1800 and 1900 blocksGonzalesVictoria and Oak Bay; Brighton is divided by Foul Bay
BrotchieBrotchyLewis To Menzies, 400 blockJames BayA small lane
Broughton (part)KaneDouglas to Quadra, 700 and 800 blocksDowntown
BurdettBellotVancouver to Cook, 1000 blockFairfieldAlso once known as Churchway
BurdettChurchwayDouglas to Blanshard, 700 blockDowntown
CaledoniaChatham (part)Douglas to Chambers, 700 to 1000 blocksNorth Park
CarrickFourthRichmond, 1700 block towards ShelbourneNorth Jubilee
CarrollConnaughtGorge to BurnsideBurnside
Centennial SquareCormorant (part)Douglas to Government, formerly 600 block of CormorantDowntown
Chancery LaneChanceryNorth side of Bastion Square to Langley, between 26 and 28 Bastion Square.Downtown
ChesterCambridge (part)Oxford to Oscar, 300 blockFairfieldIt ran in sections from Dallas to Oscar
Collinson (part)FranklinVancouver to Cook, 1000 blockFairfield
Commercial AlleyCommercial AlleyBastion Square to YatesDowntown
Current NamePrevious NameLocationNeighbourhoodRemarks
Courtney (part)RaeDouglas to Quadra, 700 and 800 blocksFairfieldWest side of Quadra; East turns into Rockland
CoventryBurleithCraigflower to Selkirk, 1300 blockVictoria West
CrecentBeachRobertson to East of Richmond, 1700 and 1800 blocksGonzales
Davie (part)BaronetLeighton to Fort, 1600 and 1500 blockSouth Jubilee
DenmanNorthFernwood to SpringFernwood
DoricArbutusBetween Carroll and AlbanyBurnside
DouglasKatherineDallas to Belleville, 10 to 600 blockJames Bay
DouglasSaanichHillside to Tolmie, 2800 to 3100 blocksBurnsideNorth of Hillside
DowlerSecondBay to Hillside, 2500 blockHillside QuadraBecame part of Blanshard elementary school grounds
DowlerBlanshardCaledonia to Bay, 2100 to 2400 blocksNorth Park/Hillside Quadra
EbertsAdelaideDallas to May, 10 and 100 blocks.Fairfield
EmersonFirstRichmond, 1700 block towards ShelbourneNorth Jubilee
Fairfield (part)LaBouchereCook to Vancouver, 1000 blockFairfield
Fairfield (part)Beechy (part)Rupert to Vancouver, 800 and 900 blocks Fairfield
Forbes (part)DerbyPembroke to Bay, 2200 and 2300 blocksFernwood
FortCadboro BayCook to Foul Bay, 1100 to 1900 blockFernwood/Rockland
Gladstone (part)North ChathamChambers to Belmont, 1200 to 1400 blocksFernwood
Government (part)JacksonMichigan to Toronto, 400 blockJames BayA continuation of Birdcage Walk
Government (part)Birdcage WalkBelleville to Michigan, 600 and 500 blocksJames Bay
Government (part)CarrToronto to DallasJames Bay
Current NamePrevious NameLocationNeighbourhoodRemarks
Graham (part)SeventhBetween Kings and Bay, 2500 blockHillside
Grant (part)PutnamCook to Chambers, 1700 blockFernwood
Grant (part)BodwellFernwood to Stanely, 1300 blockFernwood
Grant (part)GothamChambers to Fernwood, 1200 blockFernwood
Haultain (part)ThirdRichmond, 1700 block towards ShelbourneNorth Jubilee
HeatherHelmckenToronto to Michigan, 400 blockJames BayAlso part of Princess
HeatherPrincessToronto to Michigan, 400 blockJames Bay
HillsideLandsdowneCedar Hill to Shelbourne, 1400 to 1600 blocksOaklands/Hillside QuadraWest of Shelbourne
Hillside (part)HenryGovernment to Pleasant, 300 to 600 blockBurnside
HollywoodAndersonSouth of Ross, along the shore, 1600 blockFairfieldOne short block
HuntingdonPhoenixToronto to Avalon, 300 blockJames Bay
Julia (part)MarionSouth of Caledonia, 1800 blockNorth ParkAlso once known as Maria. Located opposite Victoria Police Department headquarters.
JutlandOliverGorge to Burnside, 3000 and 3100 blocksBurnside
KingsFifthOff Richmond, 1700 block towards ShelbourneNorth Jubilee
KiplingWaltonNorth of Fairfield, between Thurlow and Richardson, 400 blockFairfield
Lang (part)CarlinHighview to Cook, 1300 blockHillside
Lee (part)SimpsonNorth of Fort Behind Royal Jubilee Hospital, 2300 blockSouth Jubilee
LudgateTanneryJohn to Bay, 2500 blockBurnsideAlso once known as Harbour Ave
Current NamePrevious NameLocationNeighbourhoodRemarks
LuxtonStaffordEast off Boyd, 400 blockJames Bay
ManchesterElizabethBurnside to Gorge, 500 and 600 blocksBurnside
MarifieldHibben AlleyEast of Government, 500 blockJames Bay
MarlboroughChesterDallas to Woodstock, 10 blockFairfield
Mason (part)St. LouisVancouver to Cook, 1000 blockNorth Park
Mason (part)FarquharWest of Quadra, 800 blockNorth Park
Mason (part)ElizabethCook to Chambers, 1100 blockFernwood
MastersWaltonSouth of Fairfield, 300 blockFairfield
MaySnowdenCook to Memorial, 1100 to 1400 blockFairfield
McClure (part)ScoresbyVancouver to Cook, 1000 blockFairfield
MemorialLover's LaneDallas to Fairfield, 100 and 200 blocksFairfield
MemorialDallasDallas, 1600 to 1700 blockFairfieldBound by Ross Bay Cemetery and Lovers' Lane
Milne (part)BayRussell to east of Mary, 300 and 400 blocksVictoria WestThis is now part of Bay Street
Museum precinctElliotDouglas, west side, 600 blockJames BayMuseum precinct, Helmcken House
NewtonSixthRichmond, 1700 block towards ShelbourneNorth JubileeWest of Richmond
North Park (part)PioneerBlanchard to Quadra, 800 blockNorth Park
North Pembroke (part)DevonshireBetween Belmont and Shelbourne, 1500 and 1600 blocksFernwood
NorthcottBurleith Burleith to Coventry, 500 blockVictoria West
OliveMyrtleSt. George to May, 100 blockGonzales
OpalRegentCook westward, 1000 blockNorth ParkBetween Mason and Pandora; beside St. Andrew's School
Current NamePrevious NameLocationNeighbourhoodRemarks
OregonClarkePembroke to Bay, 2100 to 2400 blockFernwood
Oriental AlleyOriental AlleyYates to Johnson, 500 blockDowntownClosed to pedestrians
OrmondSchoolFort to Yates, 1100 blockFernwood
PaddonDallas AveNorth from Dallas Road to BatteryJames BayDallas Avenue, not Dallas Road
PandoraCormorantGovernment to Store, 500 blockDowntownWest portion of Pandora
Pandora (part)Oak BayFort St to City LimitsSouth JubileeEast of Fort
PembrokeSouthCook to Chambers, 1100 blockFernwood
PendraySt. JohnKingston to Belleville, 500 and 600 blocksJames Bay
PenwellBayBurdett to Humbolt, 700 blockDowntown
PilotOceanDallas to Simcoe, 10 blockJames BayNorth end of Pilot was absorbed by Macdonald Park
Prior (part)EighthHillside towards Bay, 2500-2600 blockHillside Quadra
Quadra (part)FourthBay to Tolmie, 2500 to 3100 blockHillside
Quadra (part)ParkHumboldt to Beacon Hill Park, 500 blockFairfield
Quadra (part)Rupert TerraceFairfield to McClure, 900 blockFairfield
Quadra (part)Victoria CrescentFairfield to McClure, 900 blockFairfield
QuamichanMt ShastaFoul Bay to Lawndale, 1900 blockGonzales
Quesnel"A"Market to Topaz, 2800 blockBurnside
Raynor (part)JessieAlston to Russell, 400 to 200 blockVictoria West
Current NamePrevious NameLocationNeighbourhoodRemarks
Raynor (part)MacPhersonAlston to Craigflower, 200 to 400 blocksVictoria WestAlso once known as Jessie
RedfernHultonOak Bay to Leighton, 1500 to 1600 blockSouth Jubilee/Gonzales
RedfernSyndicateQuamichan to Brighton, 900 blockGonzales
RenoBeanPowderly and Belton, 1100 blockVictoria West
RichmondMillsSouth of Lillian, 200 blockGonzales
RichmondMt TolmieFort to Newton, 2100 to 2700 blocksNorth Jubilee/SaanichNorth to city limits from Fort
RichmondWolseleyLillian to Fairfield, 300 blockGonzalesSouth end
RichmondEarsmanBetween Chandler and Fairfield, 400 blockGonzales
RidgeMascotteNorth of Pembroke, 1200 blockFernwood
Robertson (part)ElfordRoss to Lillian, 200 blockGonzales
RocklandBelcherVancouver to Linden, 1000-1100 blocksFairfield
Rockland (part)CouttsQuadra to Vancouver, 900 blockFairfield
Ross (part)BeachEast of Robertson, 1700 blockGonzales
RoyalAlexandraRockland to Craigdarroh, 900 blockRockland
RoyalRoyalSouth of Rockland, 700 blockRockland
RudlinSouth PandoraChambers to Fernwood, 1200 and 1300 blocksFernwood
RupertVictoriaSouth of Burdett, East of Blanchard; 800 blockFairfield
San JuanSan JoseDallas to Niagra, 10 blockJames Bay
Sea TerraceBay TerraceDunsmuir (in Esquimalt) and Barnard (Victoria West), 700 blockVictoria West
SeaforthAndrewMaitland to Robert, 600 blockVictoria West
Current NamePrevious NameLocationNeighbourhoodRemarks
ShakespeareAmethystRyan to Hillside, 2800-3100 blocksFernwood
Shelbourne (part)CharlesBay to Denman, 2300 blockNorth Jubilee/Fernwood
Shelbourne (part)IdaBetween Pembroke and Denman, 2200 blockNorth Jubilee/FernwoodOff North Pembroke.
St LawrenceCrossFrom St. John and Quebec to Montreal, 200 blockJames Bay
Summit (part)ArthurCook to The Rise, north of TopazHillside QuadraSouth side of Smith Hill Reservoir
SwiftTelegraphStore to the Harbour, 400 blockDowntown
The RiseJonesArthur to Cook, 2700 to 2900 blocksHillside Quadra
ThurlowWoodlandsFrom 449 Moss to 1489 FairfieldFairfield
UnnamedWilcox AlleyFort to Broughton, 700 blockDowntownFrom 733 Broughton to Fort
VancouverWallaceSouthgate to Park, 200 to 400 blocksFairfield
Vancouver (part)AdeleCaledonia and Pembroke, 1900 and 2000 blocksNorth Park
VerrinderPaulSouth of Pandora and Fort intersection, 1000 blockRocklandWhere Pandora and Fort intersect
Vining (part)MilneStanley to Begbie, 1400 blockFernwood
VistaSeaviewCook to Fifth, 1000 to 1200 blocksHillside Quadra
Wark (part)ThirdBay to Market, 900 and 2500 blocksHillsideWark is now separated between Kings and Hillside by the grounds of former Blanshard elementary school
Wilson (part)EsquimaltAlston to RussellVictoria West
Wilson (part)Old EsquimaltRussell to DominionVictoria West
YukonWhittakerEast of Chambers, North of Balmoral, 1200 blockFernwood

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