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Census District Search

Additional information is available on the census districts and subdistricts that are recorded in the viHistory census data.

First select a census year from the drop down list of years. All of the census district names for that year (as recorded on the census) will appear in the District drop down list. Select a district from the list, and all of the census subdistrict names for that year and district will appear in the Subdistrict drop down list. Finally, select a subdistrict from the list.

As you select a census year, district and subdistrict, information for that combination will appear below the lists. The number of census records available will be displayed first, followed by any comments or notes for the district and/or subdistrict.

In some cases, maps are available that show the location of districts and subdistricts. For any data that has a related map, the map icon will appear next to the title; click it to see the map. The maps also have links, marked by yellow boxes. Click on any of the yellow boxes to get information on the indicated district or subdistrict.